So, finally, you have embarked on a digital marketing career. The primary fundamental goal of digital marketing is to promote products and services, by using online media. And now how does Digital marketing seek to achieve this goal?

We can achieve higher business goals by pursuing its primary objective of generating higher leads, which lead to higher conversions and thereby enhancing sales volumes. To attain this primary objective, a digital marketer follows a coherent strategy and uses certain tools and techniques that are available. One such significant technique to achieve higher engagement with the target audience is Influencer Marketing.

No, let’s dig into what is Influencer Marketing and then go on to tell you how it is important for your digital marketing career.

What is Influencer Marketing?

When we are buying a product for the first time, we opt to seek out some kind of an assurance that we are buying the right product or not. Isn’t it? We look up to those, with knowledge and experience about that product for advice. This is where Influencer Marketing comes in.

Why is Influencer Marketing to your Digital Marketing Career?

1) Ensures Highly Targeted Traffic

One of the significant benefits of digital marketing is to promote a product or brand to a targeted audience. This can often be done by identifying target audience using specific demographics. And it is quite difficult to ensure that the identified target audience is made up of genuine prospects. However, in case of Influencer Marketing, the digital marketer doesn’t have to explicitly identify a target audience. All you have to do is to identify the right influencer. As a Digital Marketer, you need to take care of that. You have to look at the trends in Influencer Marketing.

For example, if your business is a cosmetic product, a beautician with the huge following on social media would perfectly fit the bill. If she endorses her product online, all her followers would necessarily take an interest in a new cosmetic product. If it is a health food product that she wishes to promote, a gym trainer or an athlete with a huge YouTube following will be the right influencer.

In such cases, you can get the huge impact on your brand or product. This would also trigger a huge volume of traffic to your website, right from the social media platforms that the influencer uses. Apart from getting a targeted audience to promote your brand, another benefit is that your audience actions are easily trackable. Social media posts, website visits, or likes, all of these actions can easily be tracked with basic analytics, and these could provide useful insights. Becoming an ace at running impactful Influencer Marketing can be a very valuable and commercial skill on your profile as a Digital Marketer.

2) It can be employed for Any Business

Influencers are available for almost all industry sectors. You make a food product, cosmetic product, or even engineering or an automotive product; you would always find influencers who could be asked to promote your brand.
Once you identify the right influencer, you get higher leads and higher conversions. Surely, a value proposition in any marketing context.

However, almost all business could benefit from a well-executed and excellent Content Marketing campaign. Gaining some relevant experience on this front would open up more doors than you can imagine, furthering your career as a Digital Marketer.

3) Boosts Brand Reach and Awareness

Influencer marketing offers an excellent opportunity to enhance your brand reach and brand awareness, apart from receiving high volume traffic to your website and social media pages. Once an influencer creates content and includes your brand in it, all followers would begin to recognize your product/brand and associate it. As these followers share the influencer’s content with their family and friends on social media, it would further broaden your brand’s reach.

Moreover, the influencer’s followers would begin to trust your brand which would lead to a long-lasting relationship between your brand and the target audience. If it is executed correctly, a successful Influencer Marketing campaign can help you get better and successful results and derive improved RoI for the Digital Marketing budget. You can imagine the boost your Digital Marketing career will get when you’re able to demonstrate improvement on these crucial and real performance metrics.

4) Improves Customer Satisfaction

Marketers have been gradually realizing that users need to be engaged during the entire cycle from brand awareness to purchase to after-sales service and until the consumers buy a replacement product. Influencer Marketing can play a vital role in this whole cycle. Influencers have a large volume of followers who trust the influencer. This builds customer loyalty which is more desirable than mere customer satisfaction.

When the customers have trust, they buy the product of their own volition and are more likely to remain loyal to the brand. In such a situation, the user may tend to justify his/ her own choice of the product rather than blame the seller for having hard-sold a product to an unsuspecting buyer.

Also, a customer would likely revert to the influencer in case of product quality or a service issue, and through this channel, she may receive a faster and more favorable response.

5.) It’s Economically Sensible

Paid ads rule the roost for online promotion, be it Google search or social media ads. But paid ads are so ubiquitous and widespread that most people subconsciously ignore them. This is called “banner blindness.”
Influencer marketing, on the other hand directly addresses a very willing audience. Influencer marketing is also being likened as there is a large supply of influencers but not all are currently being utilized. This means the cost of buying an influencer promotion is below its real value, because of the supply-demand imbalance in the market.

When it comes to being economically sensible, Influencer Marketing not only surpasses paid search but is also more cost-effective than organic search and email marketing.

If you are a small brand, you anyway need a small influencer who would not be very expensive. If you are a large and renowned brand, then influencer would herself stand to gain with the association and would promote your brand with greater zeal.

Well, craft a winning strategy for Influencer Marketing up your sleeves, if you don’t have it done already! With its core advantages of the targeted audience, Influencer Marketing always enhances the brand reach and customer loyalty, and it has proven to be a significant strategy for any digital marketer to achieve her marketing goals.
Once a digital marketer has adequate experience in identifying the right influencer and work with her over a period, it would prove an important part of work experience, which is sure to further her career favorably. So what’s your Influencer Marketing strategy? How do you plan to make it successful?

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