10 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

One of the things you need to give attention to be successful in online marketing is to learn how to increase website traffic. Traffic refers to the number of visitors who accessed the website during a specific period. Whether the goal is to have an online business or to make money from it, traffic or online visitors indeed play an important role in a website’s success. Generating website traffic is the first step in moving the website toward its maximum potential. If there is no one to visit the website, there is no use of having a website at all.

Importance Of Website Traffic

Without website traffic, your business cannot succeed. It is basically like owning a shop, if the potential customers do not enter the shop, you will not have a chance to sell anything. So, the more amount of website traffic you get, the higher chances you have of selling your product.

Website Traffic Helps In:

  • Seeing how well the marketing strategy of a business is working.
  • Gathering information about the needs and expectations of the audience to make better decisions.
  • Improving SEO as well as search engine credibility.
  • Generating more leads, boost conversion rates and attract more customers.

However, building steady traffic is one of the most time-consuming parts in website development. But below mentioned are a few low costs and natural ways that business owners can use to build traffic.

10 Easy Ways To Boost Traffic To Your Website

There are approximately 1.24 billion websites across the globe. With such high competition, you must remember that your sole aim is not to grab all the web users. Your goal should be to get more of your target audience towards your website. Below are ten simple ways you can consider to increase traffic towards your website:

  1. Research Your Keywords Properly:

Make sure you use the right keywords in your content. Keywords are those specific words or phrases that allow people are searching for your keywords to reach your website. Moreover, keywords are also one of the best ways to discover people who are interested in your website and get them there. In the current online world, numerous people are browsing and surfing each day. As such you will not want just any visitors to your site but would want potential clients and customers as well.

  1. Carry Out On-Page And Off-Page SEO:

Just like most of the businesses online, you can also learn a few important search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to boost your website traffic. As such, there are a handful of on-page SEO tactics which you can carry out to increase traffic. These tactics include writing good content, keeping in mind keyword placement and density.

A good content which meets the needs of your target audience will help attract their attention towards your website. Moreover, you should also write precise Meta descriptions for your webpages. The Meta descriptions pop-up right below the URL of your website in the search engine results page (SERP).

Off-page optimization consists of all the ranking factors which are not located on your webpage, which the search engines look at while ranking a website. As such, having optimized both aspects of your website will bring your site to the top of SERP and help gain visitors.

  1. Have Your Website Listed:

Another great way to boost traffic towards your website is to have it listed in review websites and online directories. You will have a link to your website from your profile on such sites. Hence, it is important for you to actively update these listings and receive positive reviews to have more website traffic.

  1. Promote Your Website On Social Networking Sites And Forums:

In the current times when social media websites are the hot new trends, it is imperative for you to use this to your advantage. You must use social media sites to promote your website and get more social media users to it. You can also use hashtags in your content which help promote your page. This will help to expand your reach and get found by those looking for your products/services.

Besides this, forums related to your site category can help you make your presence known. People look for useful information. As such, participating in targeted forums is a great way to share information with people. Every post you put up on a forum has a link to your website. So, you can get more people clicking to your website when you help more people around in forums.

  1. Utilize Landing Pages:

Landing pages are also a great source of boosting traffic to your site. You should build landing pages which are specific to offers you are providing to your customers. For instance, you must create specific landing pages for downloading a free guide, redeeming a discount code, or starting a free trial. Additionally, these pages comprise information about the details a user needs to move ahead and convert.

  1. Start Email Marketing:

Sending promotional offers and newsletters via emails is one of the best ways to get in touch with consumers and boost traffic as well. You must insert links and useful information in the email message which directs users to your site. This will help them learn more about your company, products as well as services. However, makes sure that you do not irritate your readers by bombarding them with lots of emails.

This will do more harm than good and they may either delete or unsubscribe from receiving further emails. Also, ensure that you use innovative email subject lines. These influence the chances of a user viewing your email. If your emails are never be opened and viewed, then there will be no increase in traffic to your website at all!

  1. Advertise Your Site To Other Relevant Websites:

Another thing you can try to boost traffic is to advertise your website to other relevant websites which comply with your niche. For instance, if you have a website based on health and fitness, then you would want to advertise it on other sites which are also about health and fitness. This will assure that you also get online visitors who are most likely are interested in your website’s topic or niche.

  1. Guest Blog:

Having a guest blogger publish blog posts on your business website is a great way to boost traffic. This is because the post will help add more variety to your existing content and reflect that you are actively engaging in your industry. Moreover, you can also ask the blogger to add a little info about your company in his/her round-up post.

Plus, having an influential blogger write a post for you, will also help grab the attention of the large audience. On the other hand, you can also opt to be a guest blogger yourself. Identify relevant businesses operating in your niche whose audience base is strong. Then check if you can contribute as a guest blogger to their blog.

Also, ask if they would be fine with linking back to your business website. But most importantly, make sure that the content you write is useful and relevant to their audience. This will not just help in future partnerships, but will also boost your online presence and traffic as well.

  1. Stay active online:

You should stay active in those online groups as well as websites which are relevant to your own community/business. Jot down comments on social media posts and blogs, respond to the questions which people are putting up, and also participate in the interactions related to your niche.

The more active and engaging you are, the more of visits you will receive. However, make sure that you engage moderately and sincerely, without causing any harm to your reputation. Also, you must not include links to your site directly in the comments as this is regarded as spammy.

  1. Monitor your website analytics:

Google Analytics is a great source of accessing value-added data on your site, starting from the most famous pages to the demographics of visitors. It is important for you to closely monitor your website’s Analytics data to know which content strategies are working or not working. Pay close attention to what content and webpages are becoming popular among your audience. Check visitor data to determine how, when and from where your website traffic is coming from.

These are just a few of the many ways you can use to increase traffic to your website. There are numerous other strategies to get traffic to your website. Getting the higher number of online visitors doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a lot of work and dedication. But, the main thing is to keep learning.

Keep learning new ways to get traffic to your website. Learn new ways to improve the click through rates to your website. Implement the strategies mentioned above and soon you will notice improvements in your website traffic and will have more website visitors’ traffic every day. So why wait? Get busy and take action.

Rahul Yadav

Rahul Yadav is Digital Marketing consultant and Expert in Delhi, India. He provides SEO, Social Media Marketing & PPC Consulting Services worldwide. Contact at gitm.rahul@gmail.com

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