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Free Online UPSC IAS Prelims Test Series

Having many years of experience and continuous service to the candidates across different competitions, Rahul Digital has established its institution in the UPSC stream by last five years.

We have started Free UPSC test series program to give a right direction to our student’s efforts and help them with all with best suitable manner.

The online test series for IAS has been designed in such a way to give a juncture to the candidates to go through and stay in touch with whole syllabus. Memory consultant’s opinion has been taken for providing content to candidates so that they are able to memorize points though the choices are tough to like in the case of previous IAS Prelims Exams.

Preliminary Examination held by Union Public Service Commission is taken as the initial step towards your aim of becoming an IAS officer. UPSC exams are not limited to the enhancement of knowledge but it’s an examination targeted to clear the problems relating to general awareness mentioned within the curriculum. Thus daily practice of objective question papers together with ambient study plan may be a step in preparation that cannot be unmarked by any sincere aspirant.

These Free IAS Online test series will be held according to the UPSC’s parameters with a steady perspective towards constant and dapper part of curriculum. Our scholastic group guarantees all around strategized and progressive test series of GS and CSAT followed by fast outcomes and uncertainty clearing sessions.

Prelims Test Series: Advantages

  • 1. Get fast access to take our online mock testfor IAS from a laptop, tablet or mobile
  • 2. Definite answer key and performance testing when the exam is finished
  • 3. The detailed solution will be accessible in the user account for future use and revision
  • 4. You can join Free now and take tests according to your convenient time before Prelims
  • 5. Questions according to UPSC norms which enable you to learn quicker
  • 6. Pan – India stage to learn and beat with many candidates in present time
  • 7. IAS preparation is now affordable, interesting and fast!

Get Real Time Test, Analysis, Scorecard: IAS Prelims Test Series

  • 1. Have you ever thought why candidates with great learning fail to clear UPSC Prelims? The reason is the absence of right practice. Quality practice builds your possibility of clearing UPSC Prelims usually. Join Rahul Digital Test Series early, endeavor all tests in a coordinated domain, and do the update.
  • 2. Rahul Digital promises you a drastic change in your conceptual learning and test-taking abilities in a present situation (with negative marking) after our every test. Keep in mind, what is important in IAS exam isn’t what you know, yet how you convey in the exam corridor with in a time.
  • 3. We provide an unique stage pan-India competition and exam execution review. Additionally, the test program has enhanced learning with test-taking, making the whole IAS preparation cost effective, interesting and fast!
  • 4. Are you looking for mock tests we are here for you! Beat the IAS Online Mock Tests for UPSC Prelims is best idea at the cost effective rate. What are you waiting for? Join now!

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