The IAS exams are of great importance for scores of students in India who desire to have a career in Indian Administrative Services. Among the three bodies of the Union Public Service Commission, IAS is the one which has endeavors into public sector undertakings. The IAS qualified individual usually commences operations with sub-divisional magistrate’s position to divisional commissioner. An IAS officer has a role of leading ministries or government departments whereas they may also get opportunity to represent the nation at an international stage in various types of global joint conferences. Beside all these esteemed prospects, they are offered higher wages with other government facilities, and hold a permanent job position.

In an ideal situation there is a very bright future with supreme roles and responsibilities for an IAS officer and hence it is one of the most desirable career options for any Indian student. The position itself with holds a great respect and power in the public domain job sector. Many students after their graduation or post-graduation in any stream aspire to achieve this job position; and they put great efforts and hard work to reach here since the examination to become eligible for the IAS training is considered to be one of the most difficult ones. If you are having a strong ambition to become an IAS officer, then without any further thoughts you must start preparing for the IAS entrance test to get qualified with higher ranks.

There are several IAS coaching institute in delhi and all over the country which guide and provide training to the students throughout their journey of preparation for the IAS entrance test. We are mentioning the list of top 5 coaching institutes in Delhi which assists the students for IAS exam preparation. The list is based upon the student’s reviews, ranking of the institutes labeled by trusted sources and their ratings. So let’s discuss about the top 5 best IAS coaching institutes in Delhi below.

1 Vision IAS

This ias training centre in delhi is a hallmark for its test series as thousands of candidates go through vision IAS test series for the preparation of entrance test. A lot of students join every year for their learning assistance, and boost their capability to perform excellently; and this fact proves the Vision’s coaching institutes commitment towards its quality.

The program offers a comprehensive and rigorous interactive online – distance learning classes which will help the sincere IAS candidates who are about to attend the Civil services exams. The expert faculty of this ias coaching centre in delhi provides guidance at every step for better understanding of the concepts and helps in practicing for writing valuable answers. This coaching institute keeps innovating the process of preparation dynamically and keeps providing a personalized approach to every individual contender based on various aspects like availability of resources and time, core competence and other such prerequisite of the IAS Exam.

They provide different modules of test series for the Mains, which consist of General studies and Essay whereas Prelims consisting of general studies and CSAT. The learning tools are available in both Hindi and English languages for the pupils of this ias training academy in delhi. The best part of this coaching institute is that they provide online tutorials which is accessible for any student from any corner of the country. They also provide various study material, Info-graphics, UPSC paper solutions, Current Affairs, updated all India news. They also deliver a dedicated personality development program for the candidates to help them prepare for the interview and enhance their confidence.

Fees structure: The fees structure depends upon the selected

Fees for Foundation course 2020 English Medium (General Studies Prelim & Mains) is approximately Rs. 160,000 and for online classes is Rs. 140,000

There are further more available with different fees structure depending upon the locations too. The details of all the are available at their website mentioned at the address below. There are about 14 centers in different cities including the Head office in Delhi.

Location: 2nd floor, Apsara Arcade, 
Near Gate-7 Karol Bagh Metro Station,
1/8 B, Pusa Road, Karol Bagh, Delhi – 110005 
Contact number: +91 8468022022, +91 9019066066
Mail ID:,


2. Vajiram & Ravi IAS Coaching

The institute helps to prepare the candidates for IAS examinations. Besides other coaching institute providing tutorials for all kinds of UPSC exams, Vajiram & Ravi IAS Coaching is famous for IAS coaching. This ias coaching institute in delhi is the brainchild of Professor P Velayutham in the year 1976. The faculty providing training to the candidates are very highly educated and possess vast knowledge of the related subjects which hold importance in the IAS examinations. This coaching class provides updated information and knowledge about the subjects; and also helps the students to develop their interpersonal attributes to crack the test.

The students receive well researched study materials based upon recent curriculum. There are also group discussions and interaction between the students and teachers at his ias training academy of delhi which help them to have deeper understanding about the subjects. The learning strategy of Vajiram & Ravi IAS Coaching is designed with the motive of developing confidence in the students for this competitive exam.

Fees structure: The different fees structure depending upon the

  • General studies (GS): Rs. 144,000
  • CSAT: Rs. 18,500
  • Optional subject: Rs. 46,500 per subject.

Schedules: The Vajiram and Ravi ias training centre in delhi offers two different classroom sessions every year which are usually in the months of June and August respectively. They also impart regular classroom lectures for coaching and frequent test series to train the candidates aspiring to pass the IAS exams.

Location: 9-B, Bada Bazar Marg,

Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi

Contact No.: 011-25820000, 25734058

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Email Id:


3. Chanakya IAS Academy

This ias coaching institute in delhi is very popular and recognized as one the best IAS coaching institutes in India. Under the guidance of Mr. A.K. Mishra, the Chanakya IAS Academy was brought into existence in the year 1993; and since then the institute has maintained its reputation by delivering intensive training and coaching to the IAS aspirant candidates to score with excellent ranking in the UPSC exams.

Fees structure: There are different fees structures for each course whereas the fee for foundation course (Prelims + Mains + Interview) is Rs. 175,000 approximately. For more details about the fees you can contact the institute.

Schedules: The Chanakya ias training academy in delhi offers. regular sessions of lectures in classroom for the candidates to help them study entire syllabus in details. Every quarterly a new batch commences, hence to enroll for the upcoming batch contact the institute referring the address provided below:

Location: Chanakya IAS Academy, South Delhi Branch,

124, 2nd Floor, Satya Niketan, 

Next to South Campus Metro Station Gate No. 1, 

New Delhi- 110021

Contact Number is: 1800 274 5005 (Central Enquiry Number)

Email Id:


4. Drishti IAS Academy

It is one of the best ias training centre in delhi with their excellent faculty of highly qualified professors, who provide exceptional guidance for this competitive exam to all the candidates with their personal approach. The institute was begun in the year 1999 by Dr. Vikas Divyakirti and offers. a great learning environment for the IAS aspiring students. The teachers maintain strong interaction with their students to keep them motivated and help them to build more confidence.

Fees structure: The academies fees are based upon the selected and are highly affordable in comparison to other IAS coaching academy.

Fees for General studies (Prelim+Mains): Rs. 108,560 approx.

Fees for CSAT: Rs. 25,960 – Rs. 48,380 approx.

Further details about the fees can be enquired at the contacts given below

Location: 641, 1st Floor,

Mukherjee Nagar,


Contact No.: 011-47532596, +91-8130392354-56-59



5. Sri Ram IAS Academy

Mr. Sanjay Sinha founded this ias coaching centre in delhi in the year 1996 and it is recognized as top-notch UPSC coaching academy in Delhi. The proficient teachers in this academy keep providing motivation and guidance to the candidates appearing for IAS exam. Their affordable training fee provide ample opportunities for the students to approach them for learning assistance and coaching for IAS entrance test. A lot of students managed to succeed in the IAS test after learning through this coaching academy.

They provide foundation consisting of prelims and mains with or without CSAT and interview preparation sessions. They offer valuable guidance in subjects like public administration, general studies and topics related to UPSC exams. The are delivered in both English and Hindi medium.

Fees structure: The fees may differ as per the and subjects selected. The approximate fee ranges from Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 150,000

For more details about the fee you can enquire at the contact details mentioned below:

Location: I & II Chamber, 2nd Floor,

Batra Cinema Complex,

Dr. Mukherjee Nagar,

Delhi- 110009

Phone:  09958635276 | 08882939805 | 09910430051

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Why do you want to become an IAS Officer?

In order to verify the academic excellence of candidates, the government authorities hold civil services examination, for which training can be acquired through ias training academy in delhi. These positions in the government sectors hold higher responsibilities and administrative powers. The administrative bodies should be handled by the highly knowledgeable and intelligent individuals who possess the confidence to take appropriate decisions in the favor of public interest and national development. With all these motives, the examinations pose a very challenging and tough test for all the candidates but the successful contestants enjoy the privilege of a brilliant career with great facilities provided by the government.

Everyone wants a better career with excellent remuneration and job security including several other benefits as well to have a better life for themselves and their families. Being an IAS officer, one can achieve such a desired career goal in the government ranks. In India, the position of IAS officer is recognized as one of the most respectful and desired career options and this is the reason why students flock to ias training centre in delhi. It indeed needs a great amount of hard work and tough preparation skills but after being qualified, the results offer great benefits for lifetime.

Role of IAS Officer

An IAS officer handles the responsibility of a complete district as a District Collector. They are recognized as the highest office in the public sector domain handling the framing and implementation of various policies with multiple ministries. They also supervise the implementation of policies and plans for funds disbursement. The officers also represent the nation at an international platform in multilateral and bilateral conferences.

In many intergovernmental and global organizations like World Bank, United Nations or agencies linked up with UN, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Asian Development Bank; an IAS officer has fair chances of employment while serving as a representative of that nation. Also, the Election Commission of India has made it mandatory for an IAS officer to be engaged with the conduct of elections in India. They remain unaffected by the political affairs and influences; and serve entirely in the administrative work of Indian government continuously. This is the reason why ias training institute in delhi and other cities stress so much on the credibility of this post and its significance.

At the very initial stage an IAS qualified candidate serves as Sub- Divisional Magistrate during their probation period; after which they are promoted for an executive role in administration in the district as a Collector or District Magistrate. After a considerably long service period they may get promoted as a Divisional commissioner or a head an entire state division.

IAS Exam Schedule

As any ias coaching centre in delhi would point out, UPSC exams are conducted in two phases in a year. The first one is the preliminary stage which is conducted in October month and the main examinations are held in June month. The candidates qualifying the main exams with higher ranks have to appear for an interview which is mostly held in month of March and May.

IAS Exam Eligibility Criteria

Coming to the age restriction for eligibility, it’s based upon candidates belonging to different socio-economic classes mentioned below:

  • Age limit for General category is 21-32 years.
  • Age limit for Scheduled Caste\ Scheduled Tribes (SC\ST) is 37 years.
  • Age limit for Other Backward Class (OBC) is 35 years.

Also, there are several attempts provided for candidates to appear for the exams. The number of attempts differs as per the different categories in which the candidates belong to. The ias training academy in delhi and other cities would elucidate on the rules that; General Category has 7 attempts for appearing in the exam while OBC has 9 attempts within their age bar. There are no limits in attempts for SC\ST candidates. The candidates who has Physical disability gets 9 attempts under general category while those belonging to OBC, SC\ST gets unlimited attempts to sit in this exam.

The Procedure of UPSC Exam Application

In the recent days the applications for UPSC exams are made online as it would be informed by any ias training centre in delhi. The candidates can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Candidate can login at which is an official online website for UPSC exam application.
  • Only one application is accepted by each of the applicant.
  • After the application is accepted, the candidates cannot withdraw their candidature and no such request will be accepted.

The pattern of IAS Examination

The exams pattern of UPSC is designed in such a way that it can reflect the academic excellence of the applicant. The candidate’s aptitude is tested. To qualify for the exams, the candidates must the follow IAS exams pattern

Preliminary test consists of Aptitude test containing 400 Marks common for all the applicants. There will be two papers of 200 Marks each. There will 2 hours allotted for both the papers which have objective type questions. Extra 20 minutes will be provided for partially blind candidates to complete the paper. The set questions will be given in both English and Hindi languages.

After qualifying for the preliminary test, the candidates can appear of the mains which have 2025 marks. There will be 300 marks for paper A and paper B, each. Merit counted papers consist of 1750 marks which includes:

  • Paper 1: Indian language based on the choice of candidate
  • Paper 2: English
  • Paper 3: Essay
  • Paper 4 to 7: General Subjects
  • Paper 8 and 9: subjects of candidate’s choice made

After passing the mains the candidates will be short listed for the interview which has personality test of 275 marks. The mental abilities and caliber of the candidate will be evaluated through conversations and interviews.

Tips for IAS Exam Preparation

  • The Indian Administrative services exams are one of the toughest exams existing in Indian educational system with many candidates applying and just few qualify the test and attain this job position. As highlighted by ias training institute in delhi, the reason for their success is that they have made efforts in a very planned and dedicated manner.
  • It’s very important for a candidate to have willingness and interest for this career opportunity. The candidates need a strong knowledge of basics and will have to plan as per the exam pattern and syllabus.
  • The Selection of subjects needs to be done wisely as one can analyze their strength in that particular area.
  • Revision of syllabus multiple times will help you to remember the topics covered as there is a vast syllabus for IAS exam.
  • Focus on the basic concept should be emphasised more as it will help to remember and calculate the answers. IAS coaching institutes plays an important role to help the candidates have clarity of concepts and absorb the topic in a very compact and simple manner.
  • Making of quick notes often helps to segregate the topics which are vast.
  • Referring the Current affairs is very ideal. Following television news to get aware of the regular events is also very important. Reading the newspapers helps a lot.
  • There are readymade study materials available which will help you to filter the most important topics thereby decreasing the burden of studies.
  • Keep attempting the mock test provided by the best of coaching institutes to rectify the errors and also achieve time management. The mock tests which is provided by any ias training institute in delhi are also available online through various coaching institutes.

Tips to pick the best IAS coaching institute

There are many ias coaching institutes in delhi. The coaching institutes helps the candidates to prepare systematically for the exams and lessen their burden of studies with the help of their study materials and coaching provided by the best of the qualified professors.

While choosing the institute for IAS exam preparation one can keep following fact under consideration:

  • Always choose an institute which provides scheduled lectures regularly so all the topics could be covered.
  • The centers delivering lectures on daily basis is an ideal to choose.
  • Check with the training modules provided by the centers and the subjects covered.
  • Reach for those institutes having good and highly qualified teaching faculty to help you with difficult topics.

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