Alexa is the subsidiary company of Amazon which provides a ranking based on the popularity of the website. Alexa ranking is based on many factors such as traffic of your website, Your frequency of updating content. If you have a low Alexa rank you can increase it gradually by following certain tips which helps you to improve Alexa ranking of your blog. Also Alexa ranking is also based on the number of alexa ranks your site has. Alexa links are nothing but the number of sites linking to your website. If you have 50 links pointing your site then your alexa backlinks will be 50 provided they are unique links.

Is Alexa Backlinks Differs From Google Webmaster and Ahref?

Now there will rise a question that what are Alexa backlinks and the webmaster backlinks and other backlinking checking tools like backlinkwatch and Ahref. If you check the backlink of your website the volume of the backlinks what you see in the tool is different from alexa backlinks. You will find vast difference between the statistics. Alexa counts the links in a different way for example, if you have 10 links or 100 links from the same website pointing your site then your alexa backlink score will be only 1.

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Steps To Increase Alexabacklinks

Below are the tips on how to increase your alexa backlinks

1) You can consider commenting on different blogs. Commenting on the same blog again and again does not going to improve your alexa backlink score. Instead, you can try commenting on many other different blogs related to your niche and this would help you to increase your alexa backlink score.

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2) Try to do more linking in social bookmarking sites. Take a list of high PR social bookmarking sites which have good domain authority and do socialbookmarking. This will also help you to get good alexa backlink score.

3) You can submit your blog in many blog directory sites which have good domain and page authority.

4) You can just simply check for domain authority and pagerank you no need to take care on dofollow or nofollow links as you will even find improvement if you comment in nofollow sites. So, dofollow or nofollow does not matter to increase your alexa backlinks.

5)You can consider doing guest blog submission if you aim to improve your alexa rank.

6)You can also do many web directory submission. Again just check on some quality measures like page authority, domain authority and PR and submit your blog to the web directories .

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Final Words:

Hope my post will help you understand what is alexa backlinks and how to increase alexa backlinks. Alexa backlinks depends on more links pointing your site. If you manage to increase unique backlinks to your site then you can definitely increase your alexa backlinks which In turn helps to increase alexa rankings. If you have any other method to increase alexa backlinks then feel free to share the same.

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