You have started your business with a great idea and support system. Everything looks sorted and fine.
However, there are few things one needs to deep dive in to make the business strong and going. What do
experts have to say on this topic? Let's hear from them. They will advise having a bunch of intelligent
people involved in the business. And these may include a developer, a social media manager, a content
writer, an SEO consultant and several others who live up to their designation. When we look at a
successful startup or a flourished business, our heads only turn to the people having higher designation
or authority. A matter of fact remains that a successful business is the outcome of a team effort and not a
single person. The reason is simple: one cannot be good at everything as everyone have their own forte
and strengths. A business needs to combine talent from these individuals to make it a huge success.

One such talent is an SEO consultant or SEO firm. They are responsible for making your online
presence to be ranked higher and higher on the internet. They ultimately make your business to be seen,
heard and recommended by a targeted mass of people. When it comes to choosing a right SEO
consultant for your business, it can be a tough job as a lot of competition prevails out there. It might
confuse you and the first question that might pop out of your head is whether to hire an agency or a
freelancer to work on the SEO thing of your business. Well, here are few tips from experts to make your
work bit easy:

When you are determined to get the help of SEO, here are the few routes you can opt for:

1. Learn SEO and implement it on your own.

2. Hire a freelance or full-time SEO consultant.

3. Hire an SEO firm.

The first option you can take is to learn SEO all by yourself. And this can be achieved if you wish to.
How? A lot of books, websites, and other sources are available to accomplish this. You can refer any of
them to learn SEO. It is good to start with a basic SEO guide first and then switch to an advanced level.
Remember, SEO is not a rocket science! And it is possible to learn everything you want to. But as we all
know, everything comes at a cost. To learn SEO you need to spare a lot of time and time is equal to
money when it comes to business. Focusing on growing your business is a better job to do instead of
learning new strategies to make your Google rank higher. Let SEO experts do their job.

The next option you can take is to hire a freelancer or full-time SEO consultant. Now a question might
curate you, "Whether I should hire a freelancer or a firm?" First, let us understand the difference between
the two based on pros and cons:

Hiring a freelance or full-time SEO consultant:

Most of the business owners underestimate freelancers to assume they would have found a job if
they were so good enough with their work. But this is absolutely not true. In most of the cases,
freelancers work out of their choice, not compulsion. Many of them get heavily paid for their work too. You
can hire an SEO consultant for your organization or business if you have enough resources available.

Pros of full-time/freelance SEO consultant:

  • Your business or firm gets a highly skilled expert who will be dedicated to building your
    business brand.
  • The business owner gets a personalized service or brand building according to his own


As the consultant is solely focused on building a brand for your company only, the results
can be impressive.

Cons of full-time/freelance SEO consultant:

  • Hiring a dedicated consultant for your firm can be expensive.
  • Not only would you have to pay the salary but also supply resources for the same leading
    to an increased budget.
  • For example, the average salary of an SEO consultant in the United States is about $60K
    per year, $100K in San Francisco and $74K in Seattle. In addition, you have to spend on
    the resources. This sum up to a great amount of money.

Hiring SEO Firm:

Another option you can take is hiring an SEO firm to do the job. This is a good option. let’s see
the pros and cons of hiring SEO firm

Pros of hiring SEO firm:

  • You get access to resources without having to pay a large amount of money for them.
  • A firm tries to follow unconventional methods and uses data from a range of industries
    yielding better results.

    Cons of hiring SEO firm:

  • A firm might not be able to give you a personalized experience if they have more clients
    to provide services.
  • They may charge you more for the services given.

Now once you decide on the options available for the hiring process, you can move one step ahead and
find the SEO consultants best suited for your business. However, the process of hiring is also difficult.
You need to avoid mistakes as mentioned below to get a good SEO consultant for your business:

Mistake number 1: Using Google filter

You might just end up searching for the best SEO in xyz location. And then there will be
a list of SEO that you might think the best for your business. But this is not the exact case here.
Most of the best SEO company or individual will never work on ranking themselves to be on the
Googles top list. They have much of work and many projects to work on. Hence, they will never
spend their time optimizing their own sites. They get referrals from the quality of work they do.
So we can say that most of the companies that rank well on the best SEO lists are without
clients (lets say in most of cases). They are the ones concentrating on getting new clients.

Mistake number 2: Referring to top SEO lists

People may search for the top SEO lists and opt one of them. However, most of these lists are
not true as they are just aggregators. They will serve you no good purpose. For example, you may
search for the term, ‘best SEO in India’ that will land you to some kind of site
page. These sites are just trying to rank such kind of listings for SEO firms. They charge the
firms for getting them on top lists. So do not spend time and energy in looking for such kind of
lists and opting companies in these lists. However, there are some firms on the list who are also
genuine. But you need to be careful while searching for trustworthy SEO consultants.

So what are the recommended steps for getting good SEO consultants? Here are some tips
from experts on this:

Step 1: Figure out goals to implement SEO

Figure out how you are going to judge the success and failure. You need to set some good
goals for that. But what are these good goals?

Good Goals:

  • Getting traffic from specific groups / targeted audience
  • Trying to generate more revenue with better conversion
  • Trying to boost leads by giving free sign-ups and trials
  • Trying to build strong sentiments among mass for your brand

Bad Goals:

  • Trying to achieve just more and more traffic without specific targets
  • Compete with other companies for specific keywords (without optimizing for users

Step 2: Prepare a list of three to five good SEO consultants

Some of the good sources you can opt for searching SEO consultants can be friends, personal
or professional networks, non-competitive companies, and industry insiders.

Additional Tips:

  • Understand Their History
  • Inquire About Their SEO Processes
  • Ask for Expectations
  • Inquire About Previous Work
  • Ask About Transparency of their Progress
  • Ask About Reporting
  • Ask About Time Commitment On Your End

Any honest SEO agency that is committed to helping you should provide detailed answers to all
of your questions

The right questions you could ask for are:

  • Can you guarantee a top position on page one of Google? This will help you filter
    money-grabbing SEOs as genuine ones know that cannot guarantee to make you rank
    number one.
  • Has your agency ever bought links? Buying links will ultimately land your website to a
    risk of Google web scam.
  • When do our clients start to see results? Because SEO takes time and it is not
    possible to achieve it overnight.
  • Do you have any examples of work you have done? Successful SEOs will be quick
    enough to give you case studies or examples of their work.

With the above-mentioned guidelines and tips, you should be able to choose the right SEO for
your startup or business. But before you think of implementing the tips here are few things you
should keep in mind for your growing business requirements.

  • The amount of money you are ready to invest.
  • The major aspects of SEO which you want to focus on.
  • Various techniques and tactics you would want your SEO company to follow.
  • The years of experience, references, client reviews on the company you choose.

Wrapping up:

These are some points you should consider while searching for a right SEO consultant. if you
are spending your marketing budget in SEO, it should be well spent that gives targeted results
and this starts with selecting the right SEO consultant. All the best for your next project!

Author Bio:
Hardik is SEO consultant working with SmileTutor -a private Tution agency in singapore leading
the education industry with digitalization.

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