How to Combine SEO & PPC for More Powerful Results

Well, although SEO and PPC are different in several ways, the two are two sides of the same coin, i.e. search. Both SEO and PPC have the same goal of increasing viewership for sites, boosting conversion rates and reducing costs. In this blog, you will know how PPC and SEO work together, affect each other and see some best practices for merging the two. But before knowing how these two can work together to boost your digital strategy, let’s know what these terms mean.

What is SEO?

SEO refers to the process through which a website can improve its search engine ranking for specific phrases or keywords. For instance, imagine that you want to improve your site’s search ranking for the keyword ‘tote bags.’ You will have to write quality product descriptions comprising of this word, include this text in the Meta description. You will also have to boost the page load speed, acquire quality backlinks from other bag-related websites. Well, these are some examples of how you can enhance your site’s SEO.

What is PPC?

PPC are ads which one sees at the top and side of searches on Bing, Google and other search engines, social media platforms. Here, businesses pay the website owner or publisher each time their advertisement is clicked. This is the reason why this is referred to as ‘pay-per-click.’

PPC advertisement campaigns are typically an affordable way to get new customers and drive traffic towards a relevant page on a website. However, the amount of each targeted phrase and words varies. Certain keywords can be affordable while the other words, may cost a high sum of money per click. This is simply due to the cut-throat competition in today’s world.

Does PPC Affect SEO or SEO Affect PPC?

If you are new to SEO or PPC, then the first questions you may have is:

  • Can your PPC ads affect your website’s SEO? Or;
  • Can your SEO strategy affect your PPC ads?

If you see technically, then the answer to these questions is a ‘No.’ Having PPC ads do not affect your website’s ranking, and your website’s ranking does not affect your ads. Having said this, there are several ways through which PPC and SEO can work together to improve your digital marketing strategy. There aren’t any SEO benefits as such to having PPC advertisements, but you can get other benefits which indirectly affect your site’s performance.

Why You Need A Coordinated SEO And PPC Strategy To Improve Your Site?

By merging SEO and PPC, you can attain several possible benefits which include increased organic traffic, more paid clicks, reduced ad spend and higher profits. Below mentioned are Some Benefits You Can Get For Having A Coordinated SEO And PPC Strategy:

Share Information:

SEO can help PPC and PPC can help SEO when the two share information with one another. Although the work of these two departments can drive people towards you, it is the quality content with SEO that keeps people glued. Paid advertisements can attract new customers quickly while the results you get from SEO take a while to verify. A PPC ad that’s performing well can be utilized in your content strategy and SEO.

In case certain verbosity has an appeal to your major demographics, then use it in the major sections of your website. There is no doubt that both paid search analysts and SEOs work hard to create unique content. However, they often tend not to share their insights or data. One of the key items the two can share to strengthen the efforts of SEO and PPC is keywords.

Increased Visibility:

One of the most obvious benefits of merging SEO and PPC strategy is the additional exposure your website gets on the search results page. Some people often tend to reduce their PPC efforts just when a search keyword ranks higher. However, it is important to note that the top three or four results on the most search engine results pages (SERPs) are often PPC advertisements. Having an increased organic as well as paid search results will drastically boost traffic. This will also create an impression that your business website has an established online presence in your niche.

Share Keyword Data:

Similarly, when you have your SEO efforts and PPC campaigns running together, you need to use the right keywords. Find out which PPC and organic keyword will offer you the highest conversion rate. Then use this information and buy PPC advertising for it. Keep monitoring and analyzing the results for some time to determine how your site is performing.

If the performance is good, then you can start optimizing your website for this keyword. However, if your PPC ad campaign is not up to the mark, you should avoid SEO for that keyword. As PPC advertising campaign is an affordable method, you can go ahead and test the interest of your searchers. Besides, you also do not have to waste a significant amount of time or money in redesigning your site to make it search engine friendly.

PPC Ad Can Be Used To Inform Your Organic Content Strategy:

The thing which works for a PPC campaign often also works for an SEO campaign. So, try to determine which PPC ads can result in the most increased conversion rates. This will help you get a fair idea on how to develop your Meta descriptions, title-tag and the webpage content for which you want to organically rank.

The advantage of utilizing PPC ads to analyze and test page attributes is the urgency of knowing the results. You will have a quick idea of what works and does not. On the other hand, organically, testing the titles and the Meta description may require more time.

You Can Merge E-Commerce Feeds Into Google AdWords Results:

Google is now coming come with pretty cool things for the e-commerce sector. You now have the flexibility to backlink a particular product webpage to PPC advertisements. The advertisement will display the product, sometimes the reviews, and will also direct the user directly towards the product webpage. He/she can then decide between buying the product once landing on the page. This is indeed a great way to boost your current e-commerce efforts.

Use Website Search Data To Inform PPC Keywords:

The major aim of a PPC strategy is to determine what keywords your target customers enter to look for your product or service. Allowing website search feature on your site and monitoring the frequently entered keywords can provide you valuable insights into their needs and search habits.

Prevent Negative Publicity:

There are times when a person will have a negative opinion about your company. When such thing happens, a merged PPC and SEO effort can be a great tool for damage control. The principle applies here is similar to the visibility factor mentioned above. You can enhance your conversion rate better if you have control over the SEO and PPC results for a particular word. A good example to explain would be the Gulf oil spill.

Once, BP invested for PPC advertisements linked to the term ‘oil spill.’ When a person clicked on the ad, he/she was directed towards a page on BP’s website based on the cleanup initiative. They wanted to ensure that when a person entered ‘oil spill,’ the PPC Ad of BP stood higher on the result page. Similarly, you can also use this technique to inform your customers about your side of the story.

Social Media Visibility:

Many changes are made to the social media landscape each passing day. This has led to the use of targeted advertising opportunities on social media platforms. Websites such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook serve advertisements targeted to a specific group of people. By utilizing Facebook user profile details, it’s now possible to advertise just to 22 years old, residing in California and interested in bicycles. The data you accumulate from such surveys can show you certain granular details about your target audience and restructure your SEO strategy.

Refine Your Organic Keywords With PPC:

PPC advertisements are a great way through which you can modify your strategic organic keyword strategy. When your organic keyword strategy evolves in the future, you can analyze your conversion rate of the terms you wish to rank for using PPC advertisement. You will be able to get instant feedback on the how effective your chosen organic keywords are and then refine your strategy accordingly.

Hence, by integrating SEO and PPC, you will place yourself in a powerful position to improve as well as maintain your website. Combining PPC and SEO strategy will help you in brand awareness, create your presence online and improve your overall results.

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