7 Signs That Says it’s Time to Hire an SEO Agency

Type something on the Google search engine and you will find you are bound to trust only the first 5 results that show up on the result page. That is exactly what the SEO search engine optimization is all about. These companies that show up on the top 5 results are the ones who heavily invest in their SEO strategies. They don’t believe in just randomly putting up any content, at any point of time, any keywords used or things like that. They are the ones that extensively put efforts and time in to strategizing what suits best for their firm, based on the trend ongoing.

Here are 7 signs that will tell you that it is about the right time you hire an SEO agency.

1. Are you paying a lot more than your budget for advertisements?

The reach of any company reaches out to a greater audience only when the company puts efforts in letting their adverts go. But if your firm is relying too much on the paid adverts and does not fare well without these pay ads, you are at a greater risk than you imagining being. You definitely need to step up the game of the adverts, to get more profits. This will help you get those organic reach more than just the paid ads. The fact being, any paid advertisement is bound to fetch you a particular amount of traffic to your website or business, and even help you reach one or two target audience. What about the content that you are really putting up there? Are they, individually, doing any good?

In this case, there’s an urgent need you switch to SEO services to help you out get to more organic crowd than the paid ones.

2. Are your pages visible on the top results’ page?

The fact that only the top results get the maximum traffic and the rest don’t talk a lot about SEO. People will never go to the third, fourth and the rest of the pages; while they are getting the needed results in the first five. So when you search for your business online, if it doesn’t show up in the top seven results; you need to switch to an agency. There are many loopholes, probably, with your strategies of marketing online. Unlike offline marketing, there are many ground rules and hacks that go for the online strategies. Hence, you will first to reboot your current strategies and upgrade for newer ones. Also, you will need an expert’s hand for this because there are many deeper nodes to the SEO strategies that we are talking about.

If it isn’t appearing on the top page, you now know your traffic is almost negligible and you will need to go to the top page as soon as you can.

3. Are you doing your own SEO?

Really, how good are we at doing something we have not trained ourselves at? Like, it just looks a few steps away when it comes to achieving SEO, but it is not. SEO needs trained experts that know exactly the kind of marketing your unique brand needs. The branding should always be individually taken. All that you find online that motivated you to write your own content make your own SEO strategies apply for almost all the brands online. Remember, everything you find online is general and applicable to all kinds of firms and many are probably using it too. So, where are you different? Where will Google find that there is some strong strategy here and identify your business listing?

Making one’s own SEO base sounds easy and inexpensive, but that is not how it works. With the SEO marketing, things are pretty different and one would always need an expert.

4. Have you been faced with Google penalty already?

The more you will dwell on the SEO and the Google marketing strategies, you will know Google is strict that way. Google does not entertain fraud promotions, fake traffic and duped listings. It churns out only authentic listings and pages and will put the efforts up there in the top results’ page. Have you ever been mailed by Google, that you might be penalized in the near future if you continue the same SEO you are at? Well, we hope you don’t get that mail again. Penalty by Google simply means you have violated one of their rules (there are hundreds of them already) and that you are NOT aware of the terms and regulations already. This is the point you should not avoid taking these mails to be spam anymore. These mails are for real and you can actually be penalized in the future if you get another such email. This probably was only to give you a warning. To be aware of so many rules and regulations, you need someone who has studied them all. A normal digital marketing person would not know all of these, while a SEO agent will know.

While you are busy developing your business online and offline, you will lose out time on studying Google. Why do that when there are many known SEO agents around that already know what Google is up to, always?

5. Are your website aesthetics really boring?

The website aesthetics are not the ones you dwell deep into. These are the ones that people first see as soon as they log in to your website. The home page, the ease of operating the website, the dynamic views there and the loading time; all eventually tell out on how good your website is. People will jump off your site if your site takes too long to load because of much dynamic content over there, like videos and graphics. Also, of your website gives a very non-professional, childlike look; nobody is going to trust your business like that. The website within itself HAS to be very tidy, done, clear, easy, practical, professional and mainly- attractive. This cannot be done by a simple web designer, who has no knowledge of the SEO strategies whatsoever. For that you will need an expert who will get about the best designs; that he knows will attract the attention of the search engines.

Having said that, you need to understand the designing of websites from the scratch, invest time in there. Being running a business, or being in a major role- you cannot spend so many months just in designing. So the best hack here is to go for an agency.

6. Is there any result of the strategies you have used already?

The fact that there is no improvement post using so many strategies ring an alarm that you need to upgrade. The up gradation should be in terms of the SEO expert being on board to help you out with every aspect ever made available in the fields of online marketing. If your social media accounts, the business account isn’t making any progress in terms of traffic; go for an agency now.

The agencies know exactly what to do to get more traffic, and hence more profits from social media.

7. Are you not paying attention to the content that goes live?

The content matters a lot. The content writing should be done in a way that the keywords follow the basic rules of the Google recognition plans. But if you are writing the content yourself, there is a big chance that you are failing at the hacks of the content too. The SEO agencies have experienced writers on board, who follow strictly the keywords, placing them and tricks like that. The content is just not the random words put together, they are properly arranged paragraphs. When you search for something online, certain words appear in bold that match with your search keywords. Those are the keywords that big firms focus on and that attract the attention of buyers and users.

The SEO agencies plan out the probably keywords first, place them in the paragraphs that will get the attention and then post them online. The procedure is tedious and long, and hence an SEO agency would be best suited for this job- because it is their prime role to get the business listing game up.

There are many signs that your firm is lacking a proper guidance in terms of the SEO strategies. These 7 signs are the first questions you should ask yourself first if you see your business listing online not doing well. If you answer in negative with more than 4 of the questions up there, you are at a very big risk of pushing your business into losses even more now, more than ever. These are the signs that ring alarm that you need to hire an SEO agency as soon as you can, to help rectify the mistakes.

Rahul Yadav

Rahul Yadav is Digital Marketing consultant and Expert in Delhi, India. He provides SEO, Social Media Marketing & PPC Consulting Services worldwide. Contact at gitm.rahul@gmail.com

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