For the life of a modern person, both at home and at work, hypodynamia is typical – a violation of the functions of the body, while limiting motor activity, reducing the strength of muscle contraction. This network is the main reason for the formation of fat deposits, and the muscles of the press, buttocks, breasts, backs are atrophied in the absence of physical activity.

Constant dissatisfaction with the actual figure and appearance significantly reduces the self-esteem of a person, which contributes to the emergence of self-doubt. People who are overweight, very often hesitate to go to the pool, to the beach, to the gym, avoiding sports in every possible way, and even a small physical load can very soon become too heavy for them.

You can do exercises, arrange morning and evening jogs and go on a diet, but to really be in good physical shape, where more important is a healthy diet. Parting with extra pounds will help foods high in protein and fibre, which can burn fat. Extra calories in this case “kill”, also the fact that more energy will be consumed to digest protein.

Here are the 10 foods that can really help you in burning fats and losing weight.

10. Green Peas

A handful of peas in a salad or as a side dish to meat will help if not to lose weight, at least stabilize. It is a storehouse of protein and fibre, zinc and contributes to the development of the “satiety hormone”.


9. Beet Root

The root crop available to all is a real find for those who lose weight. What is its power? Beetroot improves the work of the liver, which works on wear, cleaning the blood from fat decay products. It also strengthens intestinal motility. Even if your body works like a clock, when switching to a new diet, even if useful in all respects, there is a risk of encountering constipation.

8. Red Beans

Bean is a valuable source of protein, which will provide a feeling of satiety for a long time. And in red beans, it is especially plentiful. This should be taken into consideration by vegetarians, who need, like meat eaters, to obtain all the necessary amino acids for the formation of enzymes and hormones (the rate of metabolic processes and, as a consequence, the loss of weight) depends on them.


7. Citrus Fruit

In these fruits, both the inner contents and the outer shell are useful. There is enough potassium in the pulp of lemons and oranges. This microelement is involved in water-salt metabolism, helping to remove excess fluid from the body. It is formed in excess during the decomposition of fat. The citrus peel contains a large amount of limonene. It facilitates the neutralization of carcinogens in the liver, which are often accumulated in fat cells and released when they decay.


6. Sea Kale


The diet of thinning is difficult to imagine without this product, but all because there is a lot of iodine in it, about 300 micrograms per 100 g. And this, for a minute, is twice the daily rate! Iodine is a necessary brick for the formation of thyroid hormones, which, in fact, accelerate the metabolic processes to the maximum possible speed. By the way, in sea cabbage there are very few calories, only 25 kcal per 100 g.


5. Eggs


The culprits of raising bad cholesterol in the past have long been rehabilitated now. The American Association of Cardiologists believes that its concentration in the blood depends more on the features of metabolism, and not on nutrition. So do not exclude eggs from your diet, because their protein is one of the most balanced by amino acid composition. And, like any protein product, eggs give a long feeling of satiety. By the way, it is also one of the sources of vitamin D; eggs are in second place in terms of its content after fish oil.


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4. Sprouts


In the green bean, wheat or soya that has just passed through, there are about 20 amino acids and 90 micro elements. In fact, this is a real natural superfood, which contains everything necessary for the synthesis of enzymes and hormones involved in fat burning. Like any greens, sprouts contain chlorophyll, which will charge you with energy for the whole day.

3. Salmon


Without enough protein, you are unlikely to lose weight. After all, this is a building material for enzymes and hormones. A fish, in particular, salmon is the ideal source of this macronutrient. It is digested much easier than meat protein. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which not only reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood and improve brain function. They maintain the integrity of the intestinal mucosa.

Healthy mucous does not allow large molecules, for example, toxins, to penetrate into the bloodstream and accumulate in fat cells, increasing their volume.


2. Brown Rice


The keyword is brown, because the usual short white rice is the direct way to weight gain, not getting rid of it. By the way, that same white rice is contained in rolls, so eat them with great care. In brown rice, in comparison with white, there is almost no starch, but in excess B vitamins, fiber and gamma-oryzanol, which reduces the percentage of cholesterol in the blood.


1. Matcha Tea


If you are struggling to keep your weight in check, or are ready to take your weight loss regime to the next level, there’s nothing like matcha. It’s actually the best thing that could happen to you in your journey towards a slimmer you. Matcha is better than any other health drink out there, whether natural or synthetic. It is the most antioxidant-rich food in the world, a super food that’s been consumed by the Japanese for over 800 years. Replace your supplements with matcha tea and not only will it aid in your weight loss, it’ll also make you healthier.

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