Guest Blogging Strategies To Drive Traffic And Build Backlinks

Most of you may have heard about guest posting but never understand what it means? In this article we will discuss what is guest posting? What are it’s benefits and How can you do it?

Guest posting means to write blog posts for another blog. The question now is how it can benefit you?

If you do guest posts on a famous and popular blog in your niche then you will get traffic from that blog. Guest posting can be really fruitful if you do it wisely. Guest posting can give you very good results. If you do a very good and helpful blog post then people will like to come to your blog. Almost all popular and famous blogs have their own staff to write guest posts for them.

Today I will be discussing some key factors that you may want to implement in order to achieve a better guest posting experience. You should aim to write a post that appeals every one and is pleasing to the eye of the reader.

Try to maintain 5 to 6 lines per paragraph and you would see how easy it is to hover over the content. Also you can highlight the key phrases or words which you think summarizes the paragraph or the content of the article as a whole. That makes the reader satisfied about the time he would spend on that all long story of yours. Make each of your article your best one.

Once you are done writing the Guest post, you now need to submit it to the blog author in a perfect way that pleases him too, as a reader. You should write your guest post in Microsoft Office Word Application and then submit the file as an attachment to the blog author. You should always place the images in the right place so that the blog author doesn’t have to bother to edit it.

Don’t waste time in asking the author for permissions or the topic to write on. Just do it! Write your best content relating to the previous articles on that blog. Make your work as if it’s ready to be published right away. Such articles are very pleasing to the Blog authors as they don’t have to bother to edit them.

Simply contact the owner that you want to write for him and that you would deliver your post on so and so date. That’s all! And than do deliver it on time so that the blog author would be


Always inform the blog admin about your post title first because that will ensure whether or not your post could qualify. Therefore choose the best title possible!

More questions you ask regarding topics and the way you should submit etc. the more it would get trying for the Blog author. Learn to have confidence within yourself and to make decisions.

Note: Don’t get dishearted if your guest post is not qualified for the blog then you can submit it to another blog and give it another chance.
Happy Blogging!

Rahul Yadav

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