It may be possible for you to make $500/month with Twitter. But you need to have thousands of active followers to attract advertisers.

Follow this article carefully as I am disclosing some of the most important facts that can seriously increase your Twitter income. If you don’t make any money with your Twitter followers, this is the article you should read.

Please don’t think it’s easy and quick. You need to do some smart work to get good number of targeted followers.

4 Sites You Can Use to Find Paid Tweets Gigs

1. Sponsored Tweets

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Sponsored Tweets is a Twitter advertising platform where advertisers gather to increase their social media presence and create some buzz about their products.

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Twitter users can make money if they share sponsored content with their followers. The more followers you have, the more money you can make.

You get paid on a Cost Per Tweet ( CPT ) or Cost Per Click ( CPC ) basis.

For CPT, You get paid when you just share the sponsored content within your Twitter stream. For CPC, you get paid when someone clicks on the shared links.

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Most advertisers prefer to pay on Cost Per Click basis. Only if you have huge number of loyal followers, you may expect advertisers to pay you for tweets.

But for most of others, advertisers will pay on Cost Per Click ( CPC ) basis.




5. MyLikes

Other Ways to Monetize Your Twittter Account

1. Create a Fiverr Gig

Use to find a task about tweeting

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2. Become a Freelancer

Manage a Twitter account, professionally

3. Affiliate Marketing

Tweet out some affiliate links


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