7 Social Like Exchange Sites To Get Started Today

1. GetPaid.social

There is a marketplace on the platform where you can make 1-3 three cents per action. Most of them are about Facebook likes but sometimes you can see projects for other social media sites.

2. Likestool

You earn points to get likes, there is no way to earn money here. Also, you can use the referral program to earn even more points.

You can add accounts from many social media sites like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

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3. Addmefast

You earn points to get likes and follows to your profiles like the Likestool above. When you sign up there is a 50 points bonus to use without making any like before.

4. Dollarsincome

You earn $0.005 per Facebook like but it is not only for social media tasks. You can also make money from your referrals and you can buy other people’s referrals.

5. Followlike.net

An exchange website where you can exchange almost anything relevant with the social media. You get 100 coins when you sign up to use them in any way you want. You can only make money with the referral program.

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6. Likesplanet.com

You earn on average $0.0025 per action and there are many available social media sites to use. You can earn both of money and points on this site and you get a sign up bonus.

7. Cybercontacts.net

You get points with likes, follows and shares but you earn money only with the affiliate program. It is a sign up bonus of 100 coins to get started. You can add profiles and pages from multiple sites.

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