An Interview with Gaurav Heera, Founder of Delhi Courses

This week, our interview guest, Gaurav Heera from Delhi Courses, was kind to answer a few questions for us.

If you are interested in learning digital marketing, Delhi Courses is someone you need to know.

Gaurav Heera is an Internet marketing Guru that specialized in Social Media Optimization (SMO), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blogging, Local Search Optimization, Mobile SEO, Ecommerce SEO & WordPress.

I hope you will enjoy this Q&A session. Do stop by in the comment section and feel free to ask Gaurav questions.


1. Hi Gaurav, Please Introduce Yourself to Rahul Digital Readers?

Hi, I am Gaurav Heera, founder of a leading Digital Marketing training institute. Ever since I completed my MBA in marketing, I have been led by the desire to educate people about good and ethical marketing practices. I am also a blogger and an affiliate marketer.

2. Please Share the Journey of Delhi Courses?

Delhi Courses began with the vision of making digital marketing accessible to a wide demographic of people, from corporates and professionals to entrepreneurs and students.

We began in 2008, and it has been a long journey since then. We offer courses in Digital Marketing, Website Development, Ethical Hacking and many other fields.

3. Why Do You Think It’s Important for Entrepreneurs, Marketing Professionals and Students to Learn Digital Marketing Today?

Digital marketing has become important because it provides precision on a level traditional marketing simply doesn’t. Let’s say you run a coaching institute and want to promote your business. You have two options. One is to put up billboards across the city with the name of your institute on each of them. This is traditional marketing. It does not account for the type of people who come across your billboard. Ideally you want your target audience to read the billboard, which in this case are students and parents. However, traditional marketing doesn’t guarantee your message reaching the right audience.

Digital Marketing cuts through these problems and takes your message directly to potential customers. Through various digital marketing practices such as SEO and Google AdWords, you can reach your audience easily. Furthermore, digital marketing is much more cost effective and has a higher conversion rate. For entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and students, learning digital marketing is a no brainer.

4. Please share some tips that newbie’s can use while starting online business

The first step is identifying a gap in the market. What is a problem a set of people are facing and how can you solve it? Once you know the answer, step one is complete. You know what your online business should be.

Once you know what your business should be, create a website. Keep it simple and direct. When a user comes to your website, you have less than six to eight seconds to make them stay. Use simple and clear language and directly address what your business does. You should also have an email newsletter option so that you can onboard potential customers from day one.

After setting up the website, you need to start creating content related to your business. Write blogs, newsletters and articles about your product. Learn from other successful online businesses and incorporate some good content practices from them.

By this point, you know your business; you have a website and good content. The next step is to create a brand around your business. Give away useful information on social media channels and online forums specific to your line of work. Allow users to share your content on other channels. This will not only get you new website visitors, but also create a brand name for your online business.

And lastly, drive potential customers to your website through search engines. The best way to get people to a new website is using pay-per-click ads. Experiment with different keywords and find the best bet to increase traffic to your website. Furthermore, use the best performing keywords to improve existing content on your website.

5. What are some of the major challenges all digital marketers face?

There are many. Unlike other forms of marketing, one has to evolve all the time in digital marketing. One challenge faced by most digital marketing professionals is a low conversion rate. Despite high number of visitors, actual sales sometimes do not increase proportionately. There can be many reasons for this. Maybe the audience being targeted is wrong, or the landing page is turning off potential customers. These issues can be identified and corrected.

Another challenge is the highly competitive scramble for rankings. In some industries, more than thousands of companies compete for a handful of spots. This problem can be tackled by doing on-point keyword analysis, and venturing into other channels of marketing such as YouTube.

Lastly, social media still remains a concern to digital marketers. While it seems simple on the face of it, using the full potential of social media to boost a company’s profile is hardly an easy task. The one advise I can give is to monitor the frequency of social media posts and identify the right day and time to post.

6. How do you see Digital Media evolving in the future? What are top 3 trends you foresee in 2020?

Big Data will be the key to unlocking digital marketing in the future. With access to more information about users and their buying patterns, digital marketing will become more incisive than it has ever been.

For 2020, one big trend I anticipate is the advent of Chatbots. Customer service is crucial for any business to succeed, and the increased intelligence of chatbots will make handling customer service much easier for businesses.

The second is audio search. Users are becoming increasingly comfortable with audio search. Alexa and Siri are already making heads turn, and soon audio search would become as normal as text search is right now. That is why; I expect many businesses to optimize their websites for audio search and navigation.

And finally, there is AI. Not only would AI make data analysis simpler, it would have the potential to find buyers in segments no one has found before.

7. How do you stay updated on the latest trends in Digital Marketing?

I read many blogs and articles online. One of them is Social Media Today. I also like Jeffalytics. Trendspottr is great if you love the analytical side of digital marketing.

8. What’s your SEO tip to stay on top?

Fresh content is the key. There are too many websites which regurgitate the same old stale content. Users are always on the move and prefer reading updated content. Content creators should always look to write content which resonates with their readers. Bill Gates was not joking when he said, ‘Content is King.’

Make full use of title, URL and description. This is probably the easiest tip out there, but many tend to forget it. Add relevant keywords to title, URL and description. Try making the title as human and catchy as possible.
Improve website’s loading speed. Search engines give a lot of preference to websites which load faster. If your website takes a lot of time to load on a cellular network, there is a high chance it will be ranked low. Optimize the website’s speed as much as possible.

9. What’s your favorite social network – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter?

I like LinkedIn. It helps me connect with fellow professionals of the same field and learn new things. In terms of professional growth, LinkedIn is the best social network. From learning new things to finding rising talents in digital marketing or any other line of work, there isn’t any network better than LinkedIn.

10. What kind of promotion activities you use for Delhi Courses?

Right now, we focus on SEO and Google AdWords. We also leverage the reach of social media to grow our business.

11. Which entrepreneur/person has inspired you the most & why?

I have been most inspired by Neil Patel of Quicksprout. I like the way patel write his blogs & make videos. I like professionalism and he’s a professional in his field.

That’s all for my questions – I hope you enjoyed this online interview. Thank you very much.

Rahul Yadav

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