Are you looking for top reliable Fiverr alternative sites like fiverr to start freelancing? If yes, you’re on the right page. Note that Fiverr is one of the best (even the best) places or website where you can sell your services or skills for as low as $5. It is also where you can buy quality service for as low as $5. For instance, you can get a website logo, web article or business logo on Fiverr for $5. However, the competition on Fiverr is increasing day by day and new sellers now find it difficult to get sales, and this frustrates some new sellers. Well, you don’t have to be on Fiverr to make money as a Freelancer.

There are numerous Fiverr alternative sites like fiverr on the Internet that are easy to you and can help you make a good income from freelancing. Interestingly, you can offer similar services offered on Fiverr on other sites like Fiverr.

20 Best Fiverr Alternatives for Freelancers In 2019 to Make More Money


Upload is the second site after Fiverr when it comes to getting quality service. The site was formerly oDesk before it was rebranded to Upwork. However, this particular Fiverr alternative has strict rules and regulations that you must follow, else, you get kicked out. Click Here to check Upwork.

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Freelancer is another huge Fiverr alternative where you can sell or buy quality services online. The unique thing about Freelancer is that it is a bidding-based site. Buyers will post their works or projects while sellers bid on the work.


The model of GigBucks is similar to Fiverr. If you have used Fiverr before, you will find it easy to use this particular website. Also, you can get a service done with as low as $5.


This is a website for talented people and experts in their various fields such as design, development, content creation and promotion. One thing about People Per Hour is that you are paid based on time.


Tenrr is another good Fiverr alternative and it provides a similar user experience with Fiverr and GigBucks. The commission rate is lower on this site. Sellers can offer Gigs ranging from $1-10 and this feels cool.

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This freelancing and microjob website has numerous writers, editors, coders, programmers, designers etc. So you can start your freelancing stuff on iFreelance and you get 100% of your earnings without paying any commission to the website.


This websites provide wider jobs range and it includes salespeople and construction workers. In addition, this site provides great hiring tips with a location-based search and company directory.


On Project4Hire, buyers post their projects and sellers bid on the projects. If you feel you are great at doing what you are doing, then Project4Hire is a good place to operate as a freelancer.


Guru is a nice online marketplace site like Fiverr with over 1.5 million freelancers. On Guru, there is a feature called “Work Room” and this particular feature allows users to track jobs simultaneously. Furthermore, the team can communicate, set generate agreements, set milestones, share documents and delegate tasks.


Zeerk is another top site like Fiverr for Freelancers. You can charge as high as $100 per gig based on the service you offer. You can also offer jobs for as low as $2 and you won’t have to pay any commission to Zeerk.

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These are the top 10 Fiverr alternative sites like Fiverr. However, some other sites like Fiverr apart from the aforementioned ten are:

11. Seoclerks

12. Evanto Studio

13. Design Crowd

14. Crowdspring

15. Fivesquid

16. Microworkers

17. Konker

18. Toptal

19. Craigslist

20. 99Designs

There is no doubt that Fiverr is the best online marketplace and freelancing site. However, if you want to wait for a longer time to get sales or if you want to generate additional income from freelancing, you can use these Fiverr alternatives.

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