Since mid 2014, Facebook updated their algorithm to reduce the organic reach of brand pages showing in user’s news feeds. This change has driven new strategies to acquire followers, most namely Facebook adverts.

The effectiveness of Facebook advertising cannot be understated. Demographics can now be precisely targeted by such factors as age, interest, gender, marital status, employment status and interests.

With the insights tool every click and conversion can be tracked with the ability to tweak ads and performance at every step.

Just some of the objectives open to business advertisers on Facebook:

  • Increase Post Engagement
  • Send People To Your Website
  • Promote Your Facebook Page
  • Get Video Views
  • Raise Attendance To An Event

Facebook Page Management

Get your Facebook fan page designed with an eye-catching logo and header with optimised content. Once created our innovative status update strategies will get the buzz going with your followers.

This will build your follower base and get people engaging with your brand. As more people start to engage with your brand you will show up in other user’s news feeds. This cumulative effect can do wonders for building your customer base.

Facebook Page Likes

If your sole aim is to build Facebook page likes this can also be done via organic reach or Facebook advertising. The days of buying 1000’s of Facebook likes is over, these likes are usually from fake accounts or users who will never engage with your content. Building true Facebook likes involves well planned strategies.

Facebook Giveaways & Competitions

A Facebook competition or giveaway can really set you apart from your competitors. We’ve designed competitions that aim to build Facebook likes or drive traffic to a company website.

An example of our creative Facebook strategy:

Scholarship Competition

We designed a Facebook competition for first year university students to write a CV of a famous or influential person from history. Each CV was promoted on the company’s blog.

Students were required to promote their CV via social media. The CV with the most likes after the closing date won the first prize of a scholarship award for their chosen course.


Management. From tweaking adverts for lower CPC to creating content that will get shared our Facebook marketing service is sure to meet to your goals.

Insights. Using the Facebook Insights tool plus other analytical software we can track conversions, which adverts are working best and the type of people likes, sharing and engaging with your brand.

Reporting. We compare expenditure to conversion rates in addition to other metrics such as impressions, engagement levels and demographic reach on a monthly basis.


Our Facebook Management services start from only 100$ per month. Get in touch with us below for a free social media audit and quote.

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