Top 10 E Publishing Company in Chennai

Here is a list of top e-publishing Companies in Chennai, these are the best companies in publishing sector offering various solutions such as e-publishing, e-learning, content development XBRL services etc. Ranking process of these top e publishing companies in Chennai is frequently being updated by our expert team.

1 |Exemplarr Worldwide Limited
Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu | Establishment – 1999 |
Business –KPO | Website – |
Exemplarr Worldwide is an international KPO solution provider, which offers high level of business solution in e-publishing, finance and billing services. The organization was established in year 2009 and has a global existence with offices located in Europe. Its corporate office is based in Chennai.

2 | Chennai Softech
Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu | Establishment – 2007 |
Business – E-learning and E-publishing | Website – |
Chennai Softech is a content development organization that focusses on offering e-learning and e-publishing solution. It caters to corporate and government sectors and is specialized in scanning, digitalization, content development and page composition.

3 | OKS Prepress Services Pvt Limited
Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu | Establishment – 1832 |
Business – Publishing | Website – |
Established in 1832, Alden was merged with OKS group in 2007 and a leading publisher of academic, medical and science journal publishing. It is headquartered in Chennai and publishing service includes STM journals, STM books and professional publishing.

4| Icegein
Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu | Establishment – 2000|
Business – Billing software and e-Publishing| Website – |
Icegein offers Tracking, billing, coding and collection services for healthcare, banking and financial sector’s. It is a leading e-publishing company in Chennai and main e-publishing services offered are proof reading, pagination, artwork and EML processing.

5 | C & M Digits Private limited
Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu | Establishment – 1998 |
Business – Offset and E-Publishing| Website – www. |
It is one among the leading e publishing companies in Chennai which caters to publishing industry since 1998. Its production facility is located in Chennai and Triunelveli and it is specialized in pre-press services for journals and books for e-publishing clients spreading across the world.

6 | SPI Global
Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu | Establishment – 1983 |
Business – E-Publishing| Website – |
SPI global is a leading content providers and publishing organization which has over 500 clients across the world. Company’s service offering are – e-publishing & digital solution, content development, XBRL service etc. In India, company’s local office is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

7 | E-Edit Infotech Private Limited
Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu | Establishment – 0000 |
Business – KPO/BPO | Website – |
Domex Technical information is in KPO /BPO business and has expertise in business research, publishing, content development, consulting and data conversion. It is a well established e-publishing company in Chennai and offering includes E-books, Text processing, image processing, pagination, proof reading and software.

8 | Future graphic systems Private limited
Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu | Establishment – 1998|
Business – Prepress and Publishing| Website – |
Established in 1998, Future graphics is a print solution provider and leading e-publishing company in Chennai. The organization offers prepress integration, technical consultancy and e-product selling solution. Its product portfolio includes direct imaging, Thermal CTP system, Violet CTP systems and CTF solutions.

9 |Mizpah Publishing Services P Ltd
Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu | Establishment – 2001|
Business – Publishing| Website – |
Mizpah publishing is a publisher of science, technical and medical books publishing house which was established in the year 2001. Company’s core business includes designing of layout, copy editing, flip books, XML and proofreading.

10| Exeter Pre-media Services
Corporate office – Chennai, Tamil Nadu | Establishment – 2004 |
Business – E-Publishing | Website – www. |
The company is rated one of the leading E Publishing companies in India which was established in year 2004. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization and has a long list of prestigious clients such as Informa, Taylor & Francis, BMJ, BPS, WIT Press etc.

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