Are you noticing the trend which is happening very quickly around the world, so many websites are migrating from traditional web hosting to cloud web hosting?

Recently some professional bloggers who get huge traffic to their site are shifting their hosting services to cloud hosting services, especially to DigitalOcean cloud hosting, this trend persuaded  me to know much more information about DigitalOcean.

From the last couple of days, I have seen so many videos to know how exactly this cloud hosting works and came to know the major difference between traditional web hosting and cloud web hosting which I am going to discuss further in this article.

SSD Web Hosting VS HDD Web Hosting 

SSD (solid state drive) web hosting loads faster than the HDD web hosting because SSD access data electronically without looking for data locations, whereas HDD access data electromechanically by spin to locate data.

Traditional web hosting servers are placed at one location but whereas cloud hosting servers are placed at different locations and works as a single server to deliver the content in a faster way.

At present cloud hosting companies charging amount as per our usage and it can handle traffic spikes which usually happens to every website, traditional web hosting companies deploys some conditions on using resources it can’t handle traffic spikes.

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DigitalOcean Reviews: Details, Pricing, & Features

DigitalOcean is SSD powered cloud hosting service which is suitable every blogger like a newbie to the professional blogger who get tons of traffic to your blog.

In the above section, I discussed the difference between cloud hosting and traditional web hosting, now primarily I am focusing on the features of DigitalOcean to know is it worthful cloud hosting to start with or not, let’s dive into our main topic today.

Robust Hardware

All the web servers are used by DigitalOcean are SSD hard drives so it improve site speed and performance a lot, all cloud servers are provisioned for 55 seconds so your website pings fast, bandwidth is 1GB/Second for all servers and it can increase this bandwidth up to 1TB for starting plan which is sufficient for medium size websites.

DigitalOcean servers adopted new technology hardware they are built with powerful Hex Core machines with dedicated RAID SSD storage and ECC RAM.

DigitalOcean servers use KVM virtualization droplets to provide great performance and high lever security to the server.

Multiple Datacenter Locations

One of the best advantages of choosing the cloud hosting they have multiple location servers which work as a single server to provide better performance, they have web servers at 7 locations San Fransico, Toronto, New York, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Singapore.

We can create a droplet based on our interest to host our website which is near to our audience.

Floating IPs

DigitalOcean recently implemented floating IPs option where an IP address can be moved from one IP to another IP withing the same datacenter, main reason to implement this feature is to provide minimal downtime, it helps server to handle traffic spikes to balance the resource availability to all the clients.

Team Accounts

Another best feature for bloggers and small businesses who handle teams to maintain their websites is team accounts, as an owner of the website we need to give our credentials to the team to update our websites, sharing the credentials with a lot of people can become fatal mistake to us.

Team accounts option allow website owners to create multiple credentials to the team which doesn’t allow access to billing information, changing the password, theme customizations and other important features.

Transfer Globally

We do use CDN services to improve our website speed in traditional web hosting services to deliver static files like images, and logos from our CDN server to reduce the burden on our main server and they are working great for us.

DigitalOcean introduced transfer globally option to their clients to do the same work which our CDNs are doing right now, so all our static files are stored in all servers to improve the speed.

One Click WordPress Installation

Previously if we want to install WordPress on DigitalOcean then we need to have a knowledge of UNIX commands to do it but DigitalOcean introduced one-click install option to make bloggers life easier.

Before installing WordPress you need to create a droplet(server) for your account for that you need to know how to create a droplet in DigitalOcean.

Not only WordPress it introduced other apps also like Ubuntu, Joomla, Magento, and Drupal, so we need not worry about installing content management platform for our blogs.

Flexibility To Add Domains And Resizing the Server

We can upgrade to the next plan easily with one click without contacting the customer support to upgrade the size of our web space to control our traffic needs which is useful for every webmaster these days.

Adding new domain is very easy with DigitalOcean, just click the add domain option in DNS management and enter your new domain name and select the droplet name where you want to store that domain files, there are so many videos are available on YouTube which gives us complete information about the process.

Auto BackUp

Backup is another important factor we have to see when selecting the right  web hosting service for us because I have faced so many problems with WordPress and plugin updates, when we update WordPress, some files in our webserver crashes and we will not able to login our WordPress admin panel if we have backup of your website then restoring previous good configuration data is very easy.

DigitalOcean offers auto backup option as per our requirement, so we need not worry about data loss but it charges 20% on your basic plan for example if you choose $5 plan then you need to pay $1 for auto backup

DigitalOcean Pricing

DigitalOcean offers five types plans based on our requirement we can choose the best one as per our need.

    • $5 / Month which gives 512MB memory, 1 core process, 20GB SSD disk and 1TB transfer
    • $10 / Month which offers 1GB memory, 1 core processor, 30GB SSD disk and 2TB transfer
    • $20 / Month  which offers 2GB memory, 2 core processor, 40GB SSD disk and 3TB transfer
    • $40 / Month offer 4GB memory, 2 core process, 60GB SSD disk and 4TB transfer.
    • $80 / Month offers 8GB memory, 4 core processor, 80GB SSD disk and 5TB transfer.

If you are medium size blogger then I recommend you to go for starter plan if you are a professional blogger who gets tons of traffic then get $20 plan which is sufficient, at present DigitalOcean is offering $10 credit to new signups.

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Conclusion: I hope this DigitalOcean review has given you all the details you need to know about this cloud hosting service, I request you to kindly share your opinions and experiences about this service in the comment section which enables other readers to know much information about this service.

Disclosure: All the views mentioned here are my own views and this article contains affiliate links to this service where I get a commission if you buy from these links.

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