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Digital Marketing has evolved into the ultimate marketing endeavour in today’s world. After the advent and apparent conspicuous presence of smartphone over the last decade, every prospective consumer irrespective of any product or services is now having a digital presence. From tech brands to fashion labels, every firm today needs to have a dedicated digital team to build up a presence on the digital platforms. This has consequently opened the floodgates of several career opportunities in the Digital Marketing domain. Before exploring these career options, it is necessary to understand different nuances concerned with Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing, in general, is a marketing mechanism of different brands over the digital platform which involves internet, display advertisements, social media platforms and mobile phones. Since the inception of the concept of Digital Marketing over the last decade, this field has evolved drastically. Also, the increasing preference of people to fulfil their tasks on digital platform rather than going to a physical store has resulted in prominent effectiveness of digital marketing efforts, thus adding to the significance of this field. Some of the popular Digital Marketing methods include content marketing, data-driven marketing, search engine marketing, social media optimization, search engine optimization, etc.

Certified Digital Marketing Course (CDMA)

With rise in demand of Digital Marketing techniques, the career options in Digital Marketing field have also become more rewarding. Today, there are specific training and educational courses available for different digital marketing techniques in order to provide expertise in that particular method; and the marketing firms acquire new talents based on these specific trainings. Hence, in order to make it big in the field of Digital Marketing, it is very necessary to have a credible certification course accomplished.

Online Certification

While we have established that proper certification and training in the digital marketing field has become very important for making a remarkable career in this field; it is still difficult for professionals to find time from their daily schedules of work life and personal responsibilities. This is where online learning programs come into the picture. One of the perfect examples of how digital platform has revolutionised our ways of life is the fact that almost everything can now be accomplished online. Education and professional certification is something which can now be achieved online.

Training and certification providing firms, Digital Vidya being a prominent name, provide credible courses which prepare professionals for establishing their career in this field. The elaborate list of courses of digital marketing and data analysis helps the professionals to make a sound choice of the course which they intend to pursue after taking into account different aspects like intended career path, current educational qualifications and required training.

Practical exposure

However, one needs to make sure that the choice of education platform which one makes is certified by the educational authorities of the country. Besides this, the course providing institute should also have practical training sessions by involving partnerships with prominent firms in the field, and even job placements. This provides practical exposure to the professionals seeking certification in digital marketing field.

The Main Objective of this Training Program:

The certification programs and training courses provided by Digital Vidya have become one of the most talked about among professionals who wish to sharpen their skills and acquire professional certification in this field. Unlike many other training providing websites which are scattered over the internet, Digital Vidya makes sure that their training programs set the standards of professional certification in this field.


The primary objective of training programs through Digital Vidya is to provide credibility to the efforts of a prospective learner in this field, and help him establish a trained and well-educated base for a rewarding career. This is only possible after required authentications from educational authorities of the country is in place for the course providing entity. Digital Vidya, with its certifications having the authentication by Government of India under Skills programme, has created a rich history of more than 25,000 professionals being trained under myriads of courses over a period of last 8 years.

Career Opportunities

Another objective as to why a professional should opt for having certification in any particular data analysis or digital marketing course is the fact that it not only provides an organised educational training in the concerned field, but it also helps the professionals to get acquainted with the career opportunities concerned with the courses which they are pursuing. Besides this, there are tie-ups of the course providing firms with market leaders in the field of digital marketing to ensure that their patrons receive hands-on training and practical exposure in this field. This ensures that professionals not only have the necessary educational base but also a proper direction to make ideal choices in the career path ahead.

Hence, it is very crucial that one makes the choice of their course after going through these objectives of training so that their course provides an ideal outcome, which is expected.

Why invest in a Digital Marketing course?

While it is true that Digital Marketing falls under the umbrella of Marketing and Promotion aspect of Business Management, it is imperative to understand the fact that; while conventional sales techniques and marketing methods can be learnt more and more through practical exposure rather than doing any course or certification for it, but Digital Marketing is much different as compared to conventional sales and brand promotion methods. Digital Marketing has several technicalities attached in its approach, which not only requires clearing of educational aspects concerned with it, but also requires training in how to execute the educational comprehension, which is acquired after doing a certification course in any concerned digital marketing approach.

Theory is as important as practical

Digital Vidya has myriads of courses which cover every aspect of this field and the educational experts have crafted the courses in an all-inclusive manner so that any prospective trainee of that course does not miss out on any aspect. The approach towards training is also important. If one thinks that just having hands-on practical exposure without the backing of educational understanding of a certification course is enough to make their career flourish in digital marketing, then it is far from truth.

Benefits to business owners

A training course at Digital Vidya helps accomplishing education of the trainee in a stepwise manner wherein the basic concepts are first emphasised on, slowly graduating to more complex aspect of that course. This is highly unlikely to be accomplished without a proper certification course. Moreover, Digital Marketing training courses are not just for professionals to seek a job in this field. These courses also prove remarkably fruitful for people having their own business or who are self-employed. These courses trigger better productivity in a resourceful manner by helping the business owners to target their potential consumers more effectively.

List of Digital Marketing Courses:

Digital Vidya is at the forefront of providing technical training and certification in the field of digital marketing. There are over 8 different courses which one can pursue through Digital Vidya, besides the overall comprehensive Digital Marketing Master Certification (CDMM). The Master Certification encompasses all the nuances concerned with this field. The training for this course lasts for over 240 hours.

Since the comprehensive Certification in Digital Marketing Master (CDMM) course requires a substantial time period to cover, trainees can even opt for specific courses at Digital Vidya which are targeted at training only that particular aspect. In fact, Digital Vidya was the very first digital marketing certification offering firm who ventured into training programs of social media oriented digital marketing. Overall, 25,000 people are all over the world have benefitted by accomplishing these courses through Digital Vidya. Following is the list of courses which one might choose to pursue:

  • Certified Digital Marketing Master (CDMM)
  • Data Analysis

Short-term courses are provided by Digital Vidya in following disciplines:

  • Web Analytics
  • Search Engine Marketing Course
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing Course in Mobile Apps
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Certification Facebook Marketing
  • Email Marketing Certification
  • Certified Inbound Marketing Professional
  • Certified Growth Hacking Professional
  • Certified Facebook Marketing Course:

Facebook is one of the most popular social websites used by people of every age group. The audience can be reached globally through Facebook very easily. Also, through Facebook website the masses can be reached very easily to deliver a message in an influential manner for marketing purposes. Hence, a professional having expertise in Facebook advertising becomes proficient in targeting audience through this platform. They can also build strategies to boost sales or produce more product demands. They are also trained to build relationship and in other management task relevant to Facebook marketing process.

Digital Vidya offers a certified Facebook marketing course for professionals interested in this field. The duration of this course is 14 hours. Modules which are covered in this course will be Facebook advertisement and marketing. The fees for this course offered by Digital Vidya come around 14,900 INR including taxes.

  • Search Engine Optimization Certification

The term search engine has become synonymous to the internet since often people accessing the internet start with the process of searching things or information. The journey of a team involved with search engine optimization starts at upgrading the various search engines as per the most frequently used search keywords by people across the city or country and even globally.  The technical knowledge involved with this task is known as search engine optimization. This process helps in promotion of websites which offer products or any kind of services just by augmenting the perceptibility of that website at search engine results page (SERPs).

Digital Vidya offers a certification course on search engine optimization which covers topics on keyword search, SEO on page, off page, building links, design, SEO tools and best SEO practices and trains the individual to be proficient in the task of search engine optimization. This course takes one-month duration and involves a monetary investment of 11,900 as fee for this course including taxes.

  • Social Media Certification Course

The Internet has provided accessibility for people to socialize through various social media platforms, where we can provide or access myriads of information. The information or message located at such social websites sets a significant impact on the people. Hence, marketing through a social media platform is one of the best options for promoting any brand for marketers. There is a proper certification course to deal with social media platform in a professional manner. There are various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. wherein the expertise acquired through the course of social media digital marketing courses can be put to use.

The Social Media Certification Course through Digital Vidya will help you to learn about Facebook and Twitter marketing strategies, create community pages on Facebook for better effectiveness, generating leads through platforms like LinkedIn. The course also covers topics on other things like ROI measurement. It’s a 12-hour course provided by Digital Vidya involving 4 sessions which discuss about multichannel social media strategy and mapping of ROI. The fee which is required for this course is 11,900 INR with taxes.

  • Web Analytics Certification Training

The marketing strategies are based upon many factors, hence we require proper analysis knowledge for making predictions; and identify web marketing efforts through analysing market demands and data on websites and social media. A professional course on Web Analytics offers the understanding of social media Analytics, Google Analytics, other aspects of Web Analytics and CRM. The interested professionals in this field have a good career option related to Web Analytics as the job plays an important role for the marketers to take decisions related to different strategies involved in marketing.

Digital Vidya offers Web Analytics Certification Training for the role of Web analyst which provides a professional insight into this field. This is a 12-hour course which includes 4 different schedules on Social CRM and Analytics. The fee for this course also comes around 11,900 INR including taxes.

  • Search Engine Marketing Certification

This topic covers a training program which concentrates on PPC, Landing Page practice, report formats and performance tracking. Also, marketing analysis is discussed in detail in this course. A career which focusses on Search Engine Marketing is one of most demanding job profiles in the marketing world of digital era. It serves a huge medium to accentuate sales by driving more traffic at any website.

Digital Vidya provides a 12-hour course on Search Engine Marketing. This encompasses 4 sessions of Social CRM Analytics. The fees charged for this course is 11,900 INR with Taxes incorporated.

  • Email Marketing Certification Training

Marketing can also be accomplished through sending emails to customers and business associations which covers information and presentations on specific products and services. It’s a one to one platform of communication between the two parties either B2B or B2C. Hence, Email marketing strategies are more designed and strategically implemented to achieve business goals.

Digital Vidya has come up with a 12-hour course on Email marketing which covers training on creating great email templates, customer acquisition generation using different email marketing applications, increasing open rates and Automating email campaigns. There will 4 sessions held in this course which includes subjects of Usage of Automated tools. The fee structure of 11,900 INR with Taxes is required to be paid for in order to get this certification in email marketing.

  • Inbound Marketing Certification Training

This course offers training on techniques and strategies related to Inbound Marketing. The method of inbound marketing includes leads which should be converted into sales; by the means of further nurturing of those leads. It’s also important to learn funnel optimization and other strategies which are also involved in the concept of inbound marketing. The leads are communicated through emails mostly. There is a good career scope with inbound marketing and a professional certification course is offered by Digital Vidya provides perfect training background to make it big in this specific field of digital marketing. The fee for this certification program is 11,900 INR including taxes.

  • Growth Hacking Certification Training

This process involves lots of test and trials across marketing channels, sales segments, product development cycles and other areas of business. This helps to identify the most adaptable and productive way to expand a business. The term Growth Hacking is very new in the world of Digital marketing and was found two years back. In almost every company there is now a post of Growth Hacker, hence promising to be a good career option for professionals.

Digital Vidya is offering a professional training course on Growth Hacking which will up the skills of an individual on the fundamentals of growth hacking, tools of growth hacking, funnel creation and retention hacks. The fee charged by Digital Vidya for this course is 49,900 INR which is inclusive of taxes.

  • Mobile App Marketing Course

This is one of the most popular courses in digital marketing where the marketers try to have access for targeted users. Mobile has now become one of the common devices among people across every socio-economic group and is used for many purposes. In today’s era almost everything related to internet can be done through mobile without the need to access it through desktop computers. There are many applications for mobiles which are used at regular basis and they can serve as medium to promote a brand or service. There is a professional course for mobile app marketing which provides learning into targeting users by mobile advertisements, optimization of App store and App monetisation methods. Thus, this course not only helps the learners to become an expert in in-app marketing, but also provides them proficiency to explore play store – app store.

Digital Vidya provides training and certification to the professionals with Mobile App marketing courses through their online learning platform. The fees required for this course is 17,900 INR including taxes. There are around 4 sessions which are explored by this course. It requires a time period of around 12 hours in order to successfully complete this course.

Why Choose Digital Vidya for Internet Marketing course?

Founders, made the inception of Digital Vidya and brought it into materialization in the year 2009; and since then, there has been no looking back for this firm because it has come up with groundbreaking results for its patrons through the training courses which they offer. Over the period of last decade, Digital Vidya has taken lead in the field of providing certification courses in digital marketing. They have improvised their training programs to suit the specifics of the field and also the convenience of their prospective trainees. This is why they have come up with short-term specific courses besides their overall courses of CDMM (Certificated in Digital Marketing Masters) and Data Analysis. They were the first to break ground in providing certified training courses for social media centric digital marketing.

Authorised by Government of India

Digital Vidya has certification of authentication provided by vSkills by government of India. This gives market credibility to the certification provided by them and the certified professionals with a boosted CV get a preference for getting chosen by leading firms in the field. In the time period of last 8 years, over 25,000 people have benefitted from Digital Vidya. Training partnerships have been cracked by Digital Vidya with market behemoths like Google and Microsoft. They have also handled collaborations with other market leaders like Citi bank, e-Bay, Toyota, Nokia, Cisco, Reliance, General Motors, etc.

Thus, the trained professionals get first-hand experience of working with high-end firms in the field of digital marketing. Moreover, this confidence is further boosted by Digital Vidya’s commitment of providing 100% placement assistance to their patrons irrespective of them opting for a short-term specific-training course or the all-encompassing CDMM course. Convenience is another aspect which makes Digital Vidya a preferred choice, since the trainees can opt to accomplish their certification through weekday or weekend programs.

Digital Vidya Social Presence:

Digital Vidya has always made a conscious effort of being conspicuous among the potential patrons through their interactive approach of providing training courses and certification in digital marketing. Unlike other firms, Digital Vidya believes in becoming a companion of progress for their trainees and not just get rid of them by going through the motion of a set training protocol. It all begins with assisting the professionals to make an ideal choice of the course which would suit their specific requirements in most ideal manner.

Some are job-seeking professionals in the field, some are already working in this field and wish to further accentuate their skill levels, while some own a business and wish to enhance their business productivity. Hence, their certification requirement would differ in accordance to their purpose. Digital Vidya accomplishes this by organizing webinars which explain the scope of different training programs and helps the professionals in making a sound choice. Besides this, these courses also serve an excellent medium to interact with other professionals and firms from this field to discover better opportunities in the career ahead. The placement assistance from Digital Vidya also proves to be a vital reason for making them a perfect choice.

Facebook – Facebook.com/digitalvidya/

YouTube – Youtube.com/user/digitalvidya

LinkedIn – in.linkedin.com/school/digital-vidya/

Twitter – Twitter.com/MyDigitalVidya

Blog:  Digital Vidya Blog

Placement Support:

The overall purpose of all these certifications programs is to enable the professionals to take their careers a notch higher. This can only happen if they knowledge and training experience which they have gathered during the courses they opted for is put to utilization in their respective careers. While many other certification providing entities limit their usability in imparting the course training, Digital Vidya stands out in taking active participation in helping out their patrons in their placement endeavours. The trained and certified professionals are assured of a guaranteed 100% assistance for placement by Digital Vidya.

The certified vSkills authentication provided by Government of India to Digital Vidya enables them to establish credible partnerships with several leading firms in the field. No one would deny with the fact that Google and Microsoft are the world leaders and world beaters in this field. Digital Vidya has managed to crack training partnerships with these two market behemoths. Besides this, they have a client base portfolio which boosts of names of firms which are global leaders in their fields in their own aspects. Some of the firms with whom Digital Vidya has managed to establish collaborations hitherto are Cisco, Reliance, General Motors, Nokia, Oligvy, eBay, Toyota and Citi Bank.

Digital Vidya also provides a platform of interaction for their patrons through which they can communicate with each other, and thus it provides them with an ability to discover better career opportunities mutually. This also proves fruitful for the trainees to access what they might have missed earlier and catch up on it in an efficient and informed manner.

Pros of Choosing Digital Vidya:

  1. Digital Vidya are certified by the Indian Government’s educational authorities under the Skills programme and making all the courses provided by them completely authentic.
  2. Flexibility of choice of time for completing this course is an advantage for the trainees since they can choose between weekday and weekend training schedules.
  3. Single platform of interaction between trainees
  4. The policy of 100% assistance for placement in renowned firms for the certified trainees
  5. Opportunity to accomplish training programs with firms like Google, Microsoft, etc.

Cons of Choosing Digital Vidya

  1. The sheer extent of Digital marketing field might seem daunting and perplexing to professionals who are intending to enter this field for the first time.
  2. The fee structure might seem a little overwhelming to some people.

Final Words:

All-in-all, if one intends to explore anything related to Digital Marketing, Digital Vidya proves to be an ultimate one-point destination to suffice all their needs and give them an ideal result.

Rahul Yadav

Rahul Yadav is Digital Marketing consultant and Expert in Delhi, India. He provides SEO, Social Media Marketing & PPC Consulting Services worldwide. Contact at gitm.rahul@gmail.com

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