Top 10 Digital Marketing Training Institute in Rohini

Planning to carve a niche in digital marketing or want to become a marketing wizard but does not know which course to go for? We are here to help you select the best course for yourself. You can get these digital marketing courses from an online learning platform like Udemy and Hubspot. Both platforms offer certification in respective courses. You can also enrol yourself in a digital marketing institute for better learning. Each of these course spans from 3-4 months, depending upon your convenience and availability- you can go for weekday or weekend classes. There are many renowned institutes in Delhi that offer these courses.

Here Is a List of the Top 10 Digital Marketing Course in Rohini

1. Search Engine Optimization

The course will give you detailed knowledge of SEO-search engine optimization which includes different ways to optimize the website content for better ranking. It will take you through all the search engine algorithms and how Google search actually works. Plus, it will teach you different ways to market your content and how to search for keywords that bring your website or content on top. Other topics covered in this course are- on a page and off-page optimization, ways to optimize for a different target audience with in the country and outside the country, website audits.

2. Content Marketing

This is the perfect course for those content writers and businesses who are looking for different platforms to promote their content. The course embraces different types of strategies that work well for content marketing. Moreover, it will teach you about content creation, storytelling, promotion of the content and repurposing and how these are crucial in building a content market machine that helps to grow the business.

3. Social Media Marketing Course

Social media marketing course involves video marketing- what types of videos should be posted on Youtube and different social media platforms and how these videos can influence your potential customer. Apart from this, the course also covers Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, twitter marketing, Yelp marketing, search engine optimization and the basics of email marketing.

The course further teaches about Ads, how to create Ads on Facebook, ways to set a schedule and budget for your Facebook Ads and how to find apt images for your Ads. The module also gives you a brief knowledge about Google Analytics, ways to write for social media and how you can build your personal brand through social media. This is the perfect course for you if you have an inclination towards social media.

4. Mobile Marketing

In this new age everyone looks for its presence across the platforms and unless and until your website is mobile responsive- how much your market your content it will not work. To eliminate such problems, this course comes handy. The topics covered in this course are- application development, Mobile optimization, mobile app analytics and engagement to monetization, UI/UX on Mobile, mobile ads on Google Adwords, Mobile messaging, app engagement.

5. Pay Per Click

Pay per click course aims at offering an internet advertising model that helps to direct the traffic to your websites. The course is all about different dynamics of paid search, compelling campaigns, etc. This detailed course further teaches about auction model of paid search, post-click activity, and ranking algorithms. At the end you would be able to comprehend- what is the difference between different search engines and impact of different search engines on a paid campaign, choose keywords that suit best to your advertising model, keyword audit, develop paid advertisement and track ROI to make informed decisions for your business.

6. Conversion Optimization

Calling visitors on your website will not do anything for you until and unless you influence your potential buyer to take a call to action. A CTA could be anything from asking your visitor to sign in, download the application, fill a feedback form or make a purchase from your website. The entire process of getting your visitors to do what you want is known as conversion. Conversion rate optimization is all about best practices in order to find why your website has no customers.

The conversion optimization course gives you an idea about CRO and how does it work. It helps you to learn preferences and requirement of your customer and how you can help them, followed by how you can create a better user experience and get maximum conversion rate and how ROI is valuable for your business.

7. Web Analytics Course

Advanced web analytics involves the analysis and collection of data that helps to make an informed business decision and ways to optimize a business digital ecosystem in a way that it supports your business process. It includes fetching data from mobile applications, websites, Internet of Things and social media and the prime role sales customer relationship management system to improve the business strategies. The web analytics course teaches you all the elements discussed above.

The course will help you analyse the data present online design campaigns which boost website traffic, online sales and assist you to create a brand value of your business.

8. Email Marketing

The email marketing course helps you to prepare email marketing strategies that will give a boost to your business. From topics like contact management, email deliverability, analyzing target people to whom the emails should be sent and how to draft email to win your contacts trust are covered in this course. By the end of the course, you will have a thorough knowledge of email marketing fundamentals.

Some other courses:

If you are not planning to invest much in courses you can also sign up to Google certified courses. These courses are free and you do not have to specialize in a week or a weekend for this. All you have to do is a simple sign in to these courses. After the completion of these courses, you will not only get the knowledge about the respected course, in fact, you will get a certification as well. This certification will perk up your qualifications and give a good impact on your resume. The following are the Google certified courses.

1. Google My Business Course
2. Google Digital Unlocked Course
3. Analytics Course
4. Adwords Fundamentals Course
5. Shopping Advertising Course
6. Search Advertising Course
7. Video Advertising Course
8. Display Advertising Course
9. Mobile Advertising Course

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Institutes in Rohini

There are many renowned institutes that offer certified digital marketing course in Rohini

2. Digital Padhai
3. IMTI Digital marketing course
4. Digital Edge Institute
5. Digital Marketing Institute Network ( DMSN)
6. Digital marketing profs
7. Lapaas
8. Digital marketing saga
9. Digital Payout
10. Edigital Marketers


Planning to become a digital marketing wizard? Here we have enlisted some of the best digital marketing courses that will give an instant boost to your carrier and your business in the future. These courses are available online and offline as well.

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