Top 5 Digital Marketing Institutes and Training Course in Hisar, Haryana

1. Digital Institute of Marketing

The Digital Institute of Marketing in Hisar offers unparalleled training and know-how about digital media marketing. Its most popular digital marketing course is divided into 90 sessions, which concentrate on providing relevant skills on social media marketing, WordPress blogging, SEO, content marketing, affiliate marketing, Google Adwords, and Google Analytics. 

2. Hisar School of Digital Marketing

One of the most preferred institutes for digital marketing training in Hisar, the Hisar School of Digital Marketing (HSDM) was established by young, passionate, and qualified professionals who wish to provide internet marketing expertise to others who want to join the industry. At HSDM, students will be learning under highly qualified and seasoned trainers. They will be taught a methodically designed module crafted by industry professionals to make them thoroughly prepared as they enter the digital marketing world. Likewise, the teaching approach used by trainers at HSDM include both theoretical and practical pedagogies to ensure optimum learning. The latest tools and strategies are incorporated in the course modules so students do not get left behind by the fast-paced digital industry. Each batch is composed of a maximum of 10 students for better interaction and more conducive learning. The most popular courses at HSDM are SEO, SEM, social media marketing, social media optimization, and pay per click marketing courses.


Established in 2012, NCAME is known as a career-maker institute in Hisar. Its most popular courses for digital marketing training include SEO, SMO, Bing Analytics, and PPC marketing, among others. A large number of technology service providers in India recognize NCAME as an effective center for developing digital marketing professionals and website owners. NCAME has maintained its positive reputation within Hisar because of the qualifications of its trainers who provide remarkable instruction to their students.

4. Samyak IT Development and Training Company

In choosing a training institute, you have to consider the credibility of each center. Do they speak from experience? Do they just repeat what other digital marketing training centers teach? Do they claim authority for what they share with the students? The preference for a training company which in itself provides the same service it teaches about is undeniably a credible institution. Samyak IT Development and Training Company builds and maintains websites. While doing what it is good at, Samyak also teaches how it does what it does.

Founded in 2013, Samyak is registered both in India and the United States. Its main goal is to provide end-to-end IT solutions and integration services for a reasonable price. Currently, Samyak has around 50 professionals successfully delivering quality service to different clients. It also provides consultation services on business, technology, and engineering. Likewise, Samyak has in-house training centers for interested students passionate about the industry.

5. DigiPro

Making it to the list of top digital marketing institutes in Hisar is DigiPro – Premium Digital Marketing Academy. Initiated by the Professional Training Academy, DigiPro strives to acquaint trainees with the necessary and relevant knowledge in digital marketing. The company specializes in training for SEO, digital marketing strategy, Google Adwords, content marketing, online reputation management, and social media marketing. Part of DigiPro’s program is a 6-month paid or stipend-based internship. Its courses are tailored in such a way that learners will be job-ready as soon as the course is completed. Moreover, it offers courses that merit certification from HubSpot, Google, Facebook, and many others.

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