5 Best University For Computer Science in Pakistan

As you are looking to do Bachelors in Computer Science, that’s pretty good. but the question is that what are the top five best universities in Pakistan for  computer science and information technology. The ranking that i am going to present is all about my personal research and according to research i have made. There are a lot of universities that Offers Bs-Cs program.But the Cs is good of that universities that has great number of employs working in industry/market. So the top 5 are

1. Comsats University Islamabad

The number one rank university for cs in pakistan is currently Comsats university Islamabad. It is known for its department and faculty. Islamabad and Lahore campuses have earned some reputation from time. Its was previously called an institute but know it is complete government body university has some other campuses in wah, abbottabad, vehari, attock and sahiwal. Choosing this university is a good option but remember that it is very strict in terms of education.

2. Fast

Fast is the second rank university in Pakistan for computer science. It has one of the best faculty of computer science and labs for computers is just awesome. You will be able to learn skills that will be quite helpful for you in future. So choosing this university is really a good option. Keep in mind there are just two campuses of fast are really good remaining are ordinary and these two campuses are Islamabad and Lahore campus. If you chose these campuses than it is really good.

3. National University of Sciences and Technology

Nust stands among the top universities of Pakistan in every field. It is government university having different campuses located in Islamabad, Lahore, Risalpur etc. It has been producing some excellent graduates when you talk about its software engineering but when we look at the cs of Nust it is really good but stands quite low than its software engineering. One has two pass the Nust entry test held three times in year. Minimum number required in NET to take admission in Nust is about 128.

4. Lums

Lums is a Private University located in Lahore established in 1984. It is best in management fields. When you ask about a Computer Science it really a good option. It provides you a great scope and too much opportunities to achieve our goals.It is recognized by HEC and PEC and provides too much scholarships and aid to those who are unable to apply the expenses.

5. Pieas

Pieas is basically an engineering university but it really improves themselves in field of computer science from couple of years. It is public sector University located in Nilore. When you talk about doing cs from pieas it is really a great option from career point of view. No doubt it is excellent university but when you are looking for job in private sector. It stands a bit low due to excellent pass out graduates of Fast and Comsats.

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