Today, I’m going to share with you some of the useful and popular Google Chrome extensions that make my daily blogging tasks easier. Google Chrome extensions are simple and it is easy to install with a single click. So, Here I’ve collected a list of the best Chrome Extensions for bloggers. You are supposed to apply each extension – which suits you most for your professional work.

Useful Chrome extension for Professional Bloggers:

1 SEO SERP Workbench

SERPSEO Workbench is one of the great SEO plugin for Chrome. As it helps you to track the SERP positions of several sites in terms of Different Search Engines. It tracks your challenger by searching for a particular keyword. It can be really good to deeply analyze and watch your competitors work. This will help you be closer to Google Chrome. (Download Link)

2 SeoQuake

SeoQuake displays the Google PageRank, Google Index, Alexa rank, nofollow links and some more SEO stats of any webpages you are viewing in your chrome browser. This add-on is very helpful, especially when you do a large number of searches. You can get this extension here. (Download Link)

3 NoFollow

The Nofollow is the plugin that highlight outlines, The Nofollow gives you a report of no-index meta-tags for search web page which do not pass any Link juice on your site. They do not help you increase your Page Rank and SERP. You may need this extension to check that which links are nofollow or dofollow. You need to work little sharp with these extensions to get the results. Wonderful Chrome plugin to use for link building. (Download link)

4 Mozbar

This is one of the popular Chrome Extensions which is used to view SEO metrics by many professional bloggers. This is really the favorite chrome extension which has been used by many marketers and pro bloggers. This extension gives you a detailed analysis metric of various SEO related stuffs like, Domain Authority, Page Authority, Backlinks and overall performance of a web page. get this extension. (Click Here)

5 Google Drive

Looking to save documents? Save to Google Drive is a handle expansion that saves any web report. From HTML to MS office reports you can save anything simply to your Google drive account. In the event that you need to change over records immediately, that it will change over them in the cloud and afterward will save them in your Google Drive account.

I hope that these Chrome Add-ons would help the bloggers which are used for complex tasks and save your time. which every Blogger can install and analyze SEO value of any website or link. I hope this list will helpful for many Bloggers and Marketers.

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