Most of the people face problems in losing weight because they don’t know where to start. According to my experience, most of the people just know that they need to lose weight and therefore they should move towards diet plan and exercise, without having any measurable goals. This creates uncertainty in minds and results in a loss of hope.

To cut your weight, it is essential to know that how many calories are carried by one pound. Slashing calories results in weight loss. But how many calories a person should drop to trim a pound weight in a single week. Actually, a person needs to trim 500 calories to reduce one pound weight.


1. Daily Calories intake

The Harris Benedict provided a formula back in 1918 that was improved in 1990. The formula is designed to have a view of daily activity to burn a number of calories in a single day. 1000-1100 kcal are the minimum required limit of normal human body. So, keep in mind to keep the calories level up to the mark for health and fitness.

2. Tap your feet

The skinnier fellows can burn 350 calories in a single day, just through tapping their feet or by becoming restless. Walk around and couple of swaps in a single day results in trimming of 10 pounds in 5 weeks.


3. Stop! Don’t take Nuts

A research conducted by Cornell University researchers has shown that the nuts are good for human heart (as it provides heart healthy fats), but nuts are high in calories and about one ounce nuts (1 handful) carries 175 calories and if we have thrice of this amount, it will give you 525 calories. Cutting out nuts completely will in turn results in less calories gain per day.

4. Don’t eat while watching TV

To cut down the diet intake, you should change few habits. The researchers from the University of Massachusetts revealed that we eat 288 calories more as compared to watching TV. If we trade the one hour of TV for a casual walk and start eating at the table will together burn 527 calories a day.

5. Trim the whip

Desserts usually carry more than 700 calories. Desserts like coffee with milk, whipped cream and sugar syrups can be skipped or trim the whip to reduce calories intake. The extra toppings usually have more than 300 calories to make the desserts more delicious to eat, but these toppings add extra weight. To reduce your weight, trim the toppings.

6. Count your Snacks

The crackers and chips from a large bag cause the high intake of calories. In a bag of 9 ounce carrying chips at its bottom carry 1260 calories. Take up to 15 chips that is almost 140 calories or take snacks of 100 calories. Not only in snacks, counting on the number of calories served in a single dish, to take a view of number of calories you are taking in. take the small versions of desserts, because if you end your meal with a dessert, you can take more than 1000 calories without knowing it. The mini versions of desserts will save hundreds of calories.


7. Beware of Healthy Food

Healthy food sometimes acts as a trap. When people have healthy food menu they usually forget about the calories in take and take up to 35 % more calories beside their normal routine. A research by Cornell University Food and Brand Lab has indicated that with a healthy entrée, you are most likely to order desserts and drinks with 131% more calories. To skip calories, you can skip chips and cookies to save more than 500 calories.

8. Sleep Properly

The lack of sleeping can cause you snack, according to a research by the University of Chicago, people who only have 5 and half hour sleep cycle per day noshed more as compared to those who have longer sleeping schedules. Moreover, snoozing and saving up to 1000 calories is a better option indeed.


9. Throw away soda habits

12 ounce of soda carries 150 – 180 calories. People who take 2 or 3 soft drink bottles in a day, gets extra calories. Instead of soft drinks, quench the thirst with water to save a lots of extra food calories. Change the habits of taking soda, by adding more and more water in your daily routine will keep you healthy and smart for a longer time.

10. Take Sugar Free Drinks

Sugar in your drinks adds extra calories in the diet. The 20 ounce tea with added fruit contents carry more than 400 calories, as compared to the sweet tea of southern style that have 180 calories every 16 ounce and thrice of the amount carry 540 calories. To cut down the calories in take, the simple formula is to choose sugar free juices, drinks and tea that will save up to 400 calories taken in one time. Choose sugar free to become extra weight free.

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