In terms of weight loss, metabolism is a critical process of the body. Metabolism is the rate at which the food consumed is converted into energy measured in terms of calories. The higher the metabolism, the lower the amount of food that gets converted into fat. So regulation of metabolism becomes integral to not gaining weight or losing excess weight. Also, a higher rate of metabolism, helps you in feeling energetic and healthy. If your metabolism is slow, you can incorporate the ways discussed below, to boost it.

10. Inclusion of food items that contain medium chain fats in your diet

The medium chain fats positively affect the metabolism as compared to long chain fats. According to a study, metabolism increases by 12% by using food items that contain medium chain fats like coconut oil instead of butter that contains long-chain fats that enhance metabolism by 4%. So, replacing the cooking fats with coconut oil whenever possible will help you in losing weight.

9. Drinking Coffee

According to studies, caffeine enhances the metabolic rate by 3% to 11%. The caffeine found in coffee also improves the rate of burning fat. The fat burning effect is 29% in a leaner person as compared to an obese person where it’s 10%. So, enjoy a cup of coffee and improve the metabolism as well gain its fat burning properties.

8. Adequate sleep

Sleep is an integral part of being healthy. Lack of sleep negatively affects the metabolism, insulin resistance, and blood sugar levels. Thus, it elevates the risk of a variety of medical problems like obesity, diabetes. If you are not taking adequate amount of sleep, you may feel hungry since lack of sleep reduces leptin that’s related to feeling satiated after meals and increases ghrelin that makes you hungry. So, getting a good night’s sleep is a necessity to improve metabolism, lose weight and remain healthy.

7. Sufficient Food intake

To lose weight one needs to cut down the calories, but food deprivation usually backfires. You need an adequate amount of calories in a day for the normal functioning of metabolism. A man requires 1800 calories, whereas a woman requires 1200 a day. If the calorie intake is lower than this, the metabolic rate slows down to preserve the calories and when you are not working out as well then the metabolism goes down by 20%. Instead of a sudden deprivation of food bring it down gradually.

6. Eat at regular intervals

A meal schedule that divides the daily food intake into multiple predictable times keeps the metabolism constantly active and utilizes more calories thereby facilitating weight loss. According to a study, eating six times a day at predictable intervals burns more calories through digestion than eating thrice a day or multiple unpredictable times, in spite of consuming equal calories. So, creating a meal schedule in this manner helps in boosting the metabolism.

5. Include Green tea and Oolong tea in your day

The Oolong tea and green tea are known to enhance the metabolic rate by 4%-5%. They facilitate the conversion of stored fat into free fatty acids, thereby showing an improvement of 10-17 in the rate of fat burn. They are also low in calories and mildly improve the metabolism, thereby facilitating the weight loss.

4. Movement and heavy lifting

Stand up and move about, to improve the metabolism. When you stand during the afternoon instead of sitting at work, you burn 174 calories more. Avoid sitting for long hours for increasing your metabolism.

The metabolic activity level of muscles is higher than fat, so, building muscles can help you in boosting your metabolism. When you work out or lift weights the old muscles break down and are repaired or replaced by new muscles, this requires calories. So it allows you to burn calories even when you rest. The inclusion of resistance training will help you in retaining and improving the metabolic rate, strength and muscle mass.

3. Drink ample amounts of cold water

Replace sugary drinks with water to reduce the calorie intake. When you drink water, it temporarily increases the metabolic rate. According to studies, consuming 0.5 liters of water improves the metabolic rate by 10-30%. This effect lasts for an hour and it can be further enhanced by drinking the water cold since calories will be burned to increase its temperature to body temperature. Another benefit of water is by drinking it an hour before meals, you can eat less.

2. High-intensity interval training

HIIT or High-intensity interval training involves multiple very intense and fast activities. Every activity is followed by a small recovery period. The activities involve intense anaerobic exercises. It enhances the metabolic rate and facilitates fat burn during and after the workout. This exercise routine results in a higher fat burn and enhanced metabolism as compared to any other exercise form.

1. Inclusion of proteins in your diet

The thermic effect of food or TEF is the increase in metabolism after consuming food. It happens due to the need of extra calories required for digesting the food and absorbing and processing the nutrients in the food. Proteins produce highest TEF as compared to other items like carbohydrates. It enhances the metabolism by 15-30%. Protein is more filling so it helps in avoiding overeating as well.

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