Many people dream of having the biggest house in the world and it not known why a person would like to have one of the biggest houses in the world. However, a big house is symbolic as they show how wealthy a person is. Unfortunately, the rich have the ability to make their dreams of owning a big house come true. On the other hand, the poor or the common man may never get to realize that dream at all. The big house comes with a variety of comfort; these include space, room for expansion, serene environment and the ability to hold a wide range of luxuries.

10. The Hala Ranch

This is a 56,000 square foot ranch which is said to have been owned initially by the Saudi Prince, Bandar bin Sultan. He later sold it to a millionaire known as John Paulson for $49. I occupy more than 94 acres of land. It has beaten the White House since it has 42 rooms (both bedrooms and bathrooms). It holds various luxurious amenities such as fishing pools, pools made of refracting glass and a garden full of sculptures. Considering that it can hold numerous cars, it has a gas pump, a car wash, and car maintenance station. Note also that other recreational facilities found in it are horse race course and a tennis court.

9. Manor

It is the number nine house on the list. It covers approximately 56,500 Sq. feet plan. It was initially owned by the famous Aaron Spelling and his wife. It is located in the Holmby area, Los Angeles. The house sits on a 47 acres piece of land and in terms of the internal characteristics, I house more than seven bedrooms. Rumors or rather new had it that Prince Charles of Wales slept in one of the rooms during a visit. It has a double way staircase. It is sad that after the death of the owner, the house was sold by his wife to Bernie Ecclestone (was the CEO Formula One). This house was worth $85 when it was sold.

8. Maison de L’Amitie

The owner of this house is not known currently but sources have it that President Donald Trump of US is the current owner. It covers 60,000 sq. feet and by 2004 the house was valued at $40 million. The house has a huge space within and outside it as it can hold more than 50 cars and it has 20 bathrooms. The most amazing thing about this house is that it is just 500 feet from the ocean shores. The house has various fixtures made of diamond and gold. After a series of renovations, Trump sold it for $ 95.

7. Xanadu 2.0

I understand that you will be amazed by the addition of 2.0 at the end of the name of this house! However, your various software apps have this value as part of its name. This tells you that the owner of the house is a lover of software. The owner of this house is the Founder of Microsoft. Sources had it that he bought the house at a value of $81.5 billion. It sits on 66,000 square foot of space. It is an automated house which has huge wall arts that constantly change. It lies along a man-made river with white sand washed from the Caribbean.

6. The Pensmore Mansion

It is huge to cover 72,000 square feet of land. It is located a few miles from Highlandville, Missouri. It is said that Engineer Steve Huff is the owner of this house. It is yet to be completed but once completed it will have utilized more than $100 million. Besides being huge, it will withstand all man-made and natural disasters.

5. La Reverie

The owners of these houses are not clearly known but most of the richest individuals like Donald Trump are presumed to be housed here. The mansion is located Palm Beach Florida. One of the owners of such houses bought it for 4.9 million in 1995 when the value was still low. However, the value of this house has skyrocketed due to economic shifts as well as constant improvements and renovations.

4. The Versailles

This is one of the largest house/mansions in the world and occupies a piece of land which is estimated at 90,000 square feet. It is located in the Orange County and despite the fact that the owner stopped the construction in 2008, it has now become the 4th largest house. The house is worth $75 million. Once completed, the house will hold 15 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, and more than two film production theaters. It will also hold 30 vehicles and this is where the chefs will be a house as it has 11 expected kitchens.

3. Fairfield Pond

This is the third largest house and occupies 111,000 square feet plan. Houses like this are second heaven to wealthy individuals in U.S. Fairfield Pond offers a variety of amenities which include 29bedrooms and 39 bathrooms. As eating is a must in life, it has one of the largest dining room in the world besides having basketball courts and two tennis courts. It has a special section which holds a $150,000 hot tub. In that case, Fairfield Pond is valued at $170 million. The current owner is Ira Rennert though the source of his incomes invested in this construction is questionable.

2. Antilla of Mumbai, India.

This is one of the biggest and unique houses designed as a skyscraper. It has 27 floors and it is the largest house in the Asian continent. Its value is estimated at $2 billion. It is estimated to be 400,000 square foot when spread on the actual ground. The owner, Mukesh Ambani managed to build such a huge building since he owns more shares at Reliance Industries, India.

1. Istana Nurul Iman Palace

This is the largest of all the house in the world. It tops the list since it covers 2.15 million square feet. The owner is the Sultan of Brunei. It hosts more than 1,700 rooms an out of these rooms, 257 of them are bathrooms. Unlike any other house, it has five swimming pools and space for parking 110 cars. It has one of the biggest mosques which has the capacity of 1,500. The net worth of this house is approximately $1.4 billion.

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