Sunglasses have become a trendy item of fashion and are being used by millions of people in the modern world. Manufacturers saw the rising demand of classic and unique sunglasses and sought to fill this need by designing and producing different sunglasses that will satisfy every market niche. Depending on your fashion taste there is always something that will excite you into buying one of these top ten best sunglasses in the world listed below:

10. Warby Parker

Formed in 2010 in Philadelphia by David Gilboa, Jeffrey Raider, Neil Blumenthal and Andrew Hunt. Warby Parker is a new product in the eyewear market and is quite an item of value given that it is attractive in style and appearance and is relatively fair in price comparing to other brands. The brand has a feature that attracts more customers by giving one free set of glass for every piece bought which is paid for by the company and in turn goes to non- profit charities. Warby parker also sells its products online.

9. Oliver peoples

With its headquarters in Los Angeles California, Oliver peoples an American luxury brand was founded by Larry Leight and Ken Schwartz  in 1987 and has grown to own 30 retail stores  that sell sunglasses and eyewear. The brand is sold at different fashion boutiques, department stores and online boutiques around the world. Some of the world celebrities who have used this brand include Angelina Jolie; Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.The brand was purchased in 2006 by Oakley and was later absorbed in 2007 by Luxottica from Italy. A piece of Oliver peoples sunglasses can retail up to $400.

8. Mykita

These optical and sunglasses are manufactured from stainless steel, Nylon and acetate. Their headquarters are located in Berlin Germany and was founded by Harald Gottschling and Moritz Kruger among others. Mykita products are assembled by hand right from the frames to the glasses and known to be retailed at 15 international retail locations including Berlin, Denmark, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Mexico and Zurich among others.Mykita sunglasses are very expensive costing as high as $800 while the cheapest costs $300.

7. American optical eyewear

Founded by William Beecher in 1826 American optical boasts to be the oldest company in the eyewear industry in the world. It was not until 1876 that the company started producing the earliest forms of sunglasses with tinted lens of various colors. American optical products are durable and cheap compared to other brands which makes it a highly sought-after brand.

6. Randolph sunglasses

Established in 1972 by a polish named Jan waszkiewicz and with their headquarters in Randolph Massachusetts, the company has worked with the government of the united states and has manufactured glasses for the army, navy and American air force for a long time now. Partnering with US military is a clear sign that Randolph products are of high quality, with one of its features being that the glasses are hard to break or destroy. With all these factors the Randolph glasses are worth buying despite their high cost.

5. Moscot eyewear

Situated in New York Moscot company was formed in 1915 and is among the oldest and established business set up in New York that is widely known for their unique and iconic sunglasses. With an experience of over 100 years, Moscot infuses refined aesthetic to create their fine products. Though the brand is widely known, moscot still remains to be a shop in the neighborhood. Some of the iconic people knows to be using the Mascot brand include Jeff Goldblum, Helena Bonham, James Franco, Paul Rudd and Johnny depp.

4. IC! Berlin

With their headquarters in Germany, the company was formed in 1996 by Ralph Anderl and is known to be a manufacturer of top quality sunglasses. The company has received several awards due to their innovativeness in the manufacture of light and flexible sunglasses which are durable as they are made to last long. Due to this reason these sunglasses are quite expensive but if you are looking for comfort then this is the brand to buy.

3. Ray-Ban

Established in 1937, as an American sunglasses company, Ray-ban was acquired by Luxottica an Italian eyewear guru in 1999 at a cost of $400 million. The Ray-Ban is popular among lovers of sunglasses due to the Aviator, Clubmaster and wayfarer brands they sell around the world.

2. Maui Jim sunglasses

Maui Jim was formed in 1980 in Hawaii islands as a private entity and later spread their foothold to the USA in 1988.They are known to be one of the best producers of eyewear around the world. The brand was manufactured to target the market in the travelling and holidays industry that regularly used them in beaches and trips.

1. Persol eyewear

On top of the top ten lists is the Persol brand which is produced by Giuseppe Ratti.The Company was formed in 1917 deeming it one of the oldest sunglasses brand in the world. The products are durable and of unique styles which make them the most popular brand in the world. Personal glasses are quite expensive with a range of $200-$300

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