We can see a great number of people around us loving their cars dearly. But, there is one another category of people who are motorbike lovers. To your surprise, they are not even small in number. You can find thousands of them around you. This group of people will majorly include youngsters.

No doubt, cars give the more luxurious feel and comfort. But, we just can not ignore the thrilling ride experience bikes can give along with saving fuel and occupying less space. Are you also a motorcycle’ fan? Then, cheer up, as this write-up is dedicated to all motorcycle lovers.

Here, we are going to discuss 10 best-selling motorcycle brands in the world.

10. Kawasaki

The bike manufacturing units of this one of the top selling brand are Kawasaki Heavy Industries Motorcycle and Engine that is a sub-unit of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. This company has various units located in countries like Japan, USA, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia.

Besides producing different products, Kawasaki is also involved in manufacturing bikes that range from small ones to the heavy sports bikes. The most eminent features of its bikes are their heavy-duty engine and ability to access higher speed. This company started manufacturing bikes back in 1954.

9. Yamaha

Yamaha is a multinational brand of Japan. Not only, is it involved in manufacturing motorbikes, but also different products including sports gears, musical gadgets, and other electronics products.

This company has produced their first motorbike, YA-1, in 1954. After its satisfying success, a separate unit for bike manufacturing was created in 1955. Its motorcycles are majorly famous because of their exceeding performance and easy handling.

8. Ducati

Ducati is Italian brand particularly famous for manufacturing top-notch motorbikes and cycles. It was founded back in 1926 with the units for creating vacuum tubes, radio parts, and condensers.

They gained courage on getting success and started manufacturing motorcycles. It is basically owned by Audi and specialized in producing influential sports bikes.


7. Suzuki

It is a product of Japanese company that is particularly involved in the manufacturing of all-terrain vehicles, motorbikes, automobiles, marine engine, wheelchairs, four-wheeled vehicles, and others.

This company was founded back in 1909 and initially started as Weaven Loom Company. Progressing slowly, and expanding its manufacturing units, in 2011 it secured the position of being one of the largest automakers all over the world.

Until now, it has production facilities are located in more than 20 different countries. The famous motorbike models of Suzuki include DR 400, GSXR 750, and there are many others.


6. Honda

Honda is one of the biggest names not only in car models but also for motorbikes. Not only does this company manufacture cars and bikes, but also make aircrafts, scooters, engines and other equipment.

Honda has secured the position of being second among largest automobile manufacturers in Japan back in 2001. It has also won the position of being the 8th largest brand of the World in 2011.

According to one estimate, annual sales of Honda Motorbikes exceed almost 15 million every year. The major consumers of its products are Asians. However, it is equally popular in North America as well.

5. Triumph


The Triumph brand is also among the oldest and largest motorbike selling brands. This British brand has started actual functioning in cars, motorbikes, and bicycles back in 1902. With countless products and various models, Triumph now also deals in clothing and other accessories.

It is also enjoying its connection with different big celebrity names like Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Steve McQueen, and James Dean. Some of the latest motorbikes families of this brand include Tiger 800 Family, Thunderbird Family, America and Speedmaster, Scrambler, and Street Triple Family.


4. Moto Guzzi

It is Italian based Motorcycle Company that started functioning in 1921. The significant features of its different bike models include air-cooled V-Twin engine, longitudinal crankshaft orientation, and their charming appearance.

Not only Moto Guzzi is enjoying being the oldest company, but also its customers are present all around the world.


3. BMW Motorrad

Who is unaware of this Company? BMW is a German based auto manufacturing company, and BMW Motorrad is the motorbike brand of BMW. Not only for bikes, but this company is also well-known because of its remarkable car models. Its manufacturing unit is versatile.

It introduced its first motorbike back in 1923 and gained its name in motorbike industry majorly because of its sports, roads, and sports-touring bikes. It introduced many different models in which K1600, GS Adventure, and few others are its most famous models. BMW Motorrad bikes are classified into different series like R Series, G Series, C Series, F Series, K Series, and others.

2. Harley-Davidson Motor Company

This is an American Motorcycle brand. The company was founded back in 20thcentury. After facing many ups and downs, Harley-Davidson became successful in recognizing themselves as one of the top bike manufacturing industry.

Unlike other brands, this heavyweight bike products manufacturer aims differently from others. It plans to offer freedom to its riders through creating highly customized bikes with ground-breaking design, distinguishing sound, premium quality, and front-edge styling.

Few of its bike series include H-D Street, Sportster, Touring, Softail, CVO, and Trike.


1. Victory Motorcycles

Victory Motorcycles is relatively newer brand as compared to other brands on our list. It started functioning almost two decades back, by riding their first bike model Antares Red & Black V92C on roads at 4th July 1998.

It was just the start. The company continued progressing. Utilizing the young passion, Victory Motorcycle soon became successful in making their name among top 10 motorcycle brands. Its motorbike contains revolutionized V-Twin engine, cruiser style configuration, and sport-touring features.

Few of Victory Motorcycle’ top models/series are Victory V92C, Vegas 8-Ball, Ness Magnum, Vegas Jackpot, Gunner, Hammer, Racing, and Vision

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