Top 10 Best Schools in Karachi

Karachi is one of the largest cities of Pakistan, the metropolitan center and the economic hub of the country.

With so much on its shoulder, it can be quite difficult to decide which one is among  the best schools in Karachi.

With a school in each corner of a locality, best schools in Karachi are not many in number but they basically serve a very high standard of education and their names are below

1. Karachi Grammar School (K.G.S)

This institution is one of the oldest school and ranks at the top among the best schools in Karachi and South Asia with a history and a legacy.

If you are in a power position (if your decisions affect a number of people) then the chances are high, your kids will get an admission in this school.

2. Haque Academy

Mrs. Haque established her preschool in 1977 and since then Haque’s Nursery has been climbing up with leaps and bounds. My personal experience with this school is overwhelming.

Haque Academy has an excellent building, with big playgrounds, the interiors of the classes is absolutely amazing.

They have experienced teachers. They have a friendly parent teacher relationship and above all students are having fun in learning.

Parents are very satisfied with this institution and list it among the best schools in Karachi.

3. Center of Advanced Studies ( C.A.S)

Their teaching module is very diverse and they offer many foreign languages (German/Spanish/French) and community service as part of the Program of Studies.

4. British Overseas School (B.O.S)

The British Overseas School aims to be recognized internationally as a leader in the provision of modern, high quality UK education.

5. Karachi American School (K.A.S)

The only authentic American Curriculum based school in Karachi. It’s also one of the most expensive school in Karachi,

Other Schools that are listed among the best schools in Karachi are:-

6. Froebel Education Centre

7. Convent of Jesus and Mary

8. Bay View Academy (B.V.A)

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