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Living anywhere if you have kids, school searches are more troublesome than home search. You can live a little down your expectations but none spoils or takes any risks with their children’s future and their schooling. Being the second home for any child the school has to be as special as their home is. Not only it is their future involved as what they will become but more importantly who they will become comes in the way. To search schools, find the best one near and see that their academics and your economics still remains balanced throughout the way all along. But if are in Gurgaon here is a little help to make your mind a little more clear on your child’s school’s decision.

Top 10 Schools In Gurgaon – List of Top Schools in Gurugram

1. The Shri Ram School, Aravali

It follows CISCE pattern for its academic syllabus and has classes from grade 1 to grade 12 for its students. It is a co-ed school with students as girls and boys included in one class learning together. Along with knowledgeable academic learning, this school hosts many varied co-curricular activities to make students more and more eligible and better. With all those studies and learning sciences, there are various indoors and outdoors activity to make student and their minds more open. It is certainly one of the best schools Gurgaon has.

2. Dav Public School, Sector 14

Being a CBSE affiliated pattern school that has classes from Montessori to 12 level. It is a co-ed institute and offers day classes facility students. Like many good schools, this school also has much varied co-curricular activities included in its syllabus along with a knowledgeable academic system.

3. Manav Rachna International School

Being a co-ed institute it offers day classes for all its students and has grade 1 to grade 12 classes. Including its various academic syllabuses it also has various varied co-curricular students which make the schooling more fun for the students along with life learning and academic knowledge. It is a school that tries to connect students with the society and believes in knowledgeable learning.

4. Scottish High International School

This is one of a kind school where it follows IB, ISC, IGCSE and CBSE patterns included. It is a co-ed school where they have classes from first to twelfth grade. It also offers all day classes for its school. From academic studies to archery, swimming, golf, scuba diving, hockey, taekwondo, lawn tennis, cricket, art, craft, horse riding, dance and music to name it any activity, this school has it. This is certainly an international school where students are trained for every aspect of life they will ever encounter.

5. Delhi Public School, Gurgaon

This name needs no recognition. Being the most prestigious and modern school it is like a dream of every parent being financially stable or not, to get their kid into this school. It is a CBSE affiliated school and has grade 1 to 12 in it. This school is co-educated and is like a trademarked top school in every place. With regular syllabus and schooling, it has numerous options for children as their co-curricular activity. This school has always been offering more than you think so it also charges more sometimes more than you planned.

6. Salwan Public School

Being the first in the list, this school is CBSE affiliated and has pre-nursery to class 12 in the same school, so once your child is in, the tension of schooling will be resolved till college comes. Also, this is a co-ed school including boys and girls and does have a day boarding facilities here. Along with just studies, this school host dance, music, art, craft, painting, clay modeling, handicraft designing, sketching, origami, pottery, kirigami, calligraphy, all kinds of different music instrument training, food art, media studies, fashion studies and much more in their co-curricular syllabus.

7. Lotus Valley International School

This school is also a CBSE affiliated school and is co-ed. Here along with academics, students have many other co-curricular activities some of which are music, horse riding, dancing, basketball, art, craft, yoga, gymnastic, cricket, swimming, tennis and much more. It also offers students all day class facility.

8. Blue Bells Model School

This school is also another CBSE affiliated school and is a much-known school when it comes to Gurgaon. It offers classes from 1 to straight 12 so once your child is in. at least tension of schooling is resolved. It is also a co-ed school and offers numerous other co-curricular activities in their schooling schedule and syllabus apart from just those boring books. It has every other activity as other school but it also has martial arts, karate and taekwondo include in it, so students can well know and defend themselves when the time comes.

9. G D Goenka

Being a Cambridge University affiliated; this school stands on the international ground even in Gurgaon. It has classes from nursery to senior secondary levels. It is a co-educated school and as the name and recognition guesses, it has many more co-curricular activities included that makes adventurous for the students to explore life more and more. Here both indoors and outdoors activities are included for the students.

10. Gems International School, Palam Vihar

This school also has CBSE patterned affiliation and is a co-ed school in Gurgaon. It has school grades from Montessori level to the final grade 12. This school also offers all day classes facility for its students. With school syllabus, it has very different kinds of co-curricular included in its schedules to make students good both in class and in a field. Be it anything sports, arts, music or anything else, this school tries to make students ready for every field the students are interested in.

So this was the list of some of the best schools in Gurgaon. Being on a top of all these schools has equal parts for both academic and co-curricular as these schools realize that every activity is important for students for their mental and physical development. Hope this helps while choosing a school for your kid according to your financial and economical status.

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