Are you fond of reading books in your leisure time? If the answer to this question is no, then I must say that you are missing a lot of fun in your life. Reading good books takes us to a completely new world where there are no boundaries. Creativity of people who read books is much more than other people since they think out of the box. Good ideas are always generated by people who love reading books. This hobby expands the horizon of mind and enhances their imaginative capabilities.

Although there are many genres of books available, however, I personally believe that autobiographies are the best. The reason behind this is very simple; autobiographies give us a sneak peek into lives of great people who have achieved success in their lives. These famous people give us inspiration while relating their stories, struggles, achievements, disappointments, adventures and desperations, all contained in a single book. Exciting, isn’t it?

Their life stories give us a lot to learn. Their amazing stories tell us that they were just common people like us but their strength and refusal to give in to failure made them successful. Let us delve into the list of 10 best autobiographies which I feel are a must read for everyone.

10. Kitchen confidential by Anthony Bourdain

The reason behind choosing this book in this list is its uniqueness and rareness. If you a food lover and want to read about different types of cuisines serves in various cultures around the world, this book is perfect for you. It has all the food adventures as experienced by Anthony when he travelled around. While reading it, you would actually feel the taste of each dish owing to the accuracy of description by author *yum!*. Although other people may have embarked on similar journeys as Anthony, he was the most successful of them. He was a chef at a restaurant in those days and wanted to ensure that he was doing his job perfectly. It was his dream to bring something new to his guests each day which made him take his journey. I would strongly recommend this book to everyone in love with crazy adventures and, well, food *grin!*.

9. Born standing up by Steve Martin

If you are not aware of Steve Martin, then I must say you must be living under a rock since he is a legend. Steve was a comic artist famous his music and on stage performances. His autobiography lets us know about those sacrifices which we do not see on stage and all disappointments hidden beneath his performance. He has specially focused on his struggle to discipline himself which gives a great lesson to all readers. While reading this book, you will laugh and you will cry along with Steve. Well, heads up people! This book is a must read especially for those who are struggling with their professions and want to achieve something good in their lives.

8. A moveable feast by Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway is a renowned writer who gave us numerous fiction based novels and stories. His autobiography gives us an insight into his life when he was struggling as an emerging author of books. His inability to afford food for days gives goosebumps to readers. He was not privileged in any way, yet he managed to be successful only through a lot of effort and hard work he put into his work. He has narrated the thrills as well as horrors of street life. Again, a must read everyone!

7. The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X

Malcolm X was a courageous activist who never backed down when he had to fight for rights of African Americans. His biography is full of some amazing work he did in order to secure the basic right of black population. The stories of oppression faced by him would surely keep you on edge throughout the book.

6.  A life in parts by Bryan Cranston

Bryan is a well reputed actor who rose from ashes. In this autobiography, he has depicted a number of small roles which he had to do for experience, while hoping against hope that he would be a start one day. His role of Walter White, which gave him fame he desired, is also depicted exceptionally. The ups and downs of his career have been portrayed in detail.

5. Pour your heart into it by Howard Schultz

This biography is written by owner of Star Bucks, a multi-million dollar coffee company spread all around the world. He has poured his wisdom in this book and has emphasized that no one should ever give in to failure.

4. On writing: a memoir of craft by Stephen King

The biography of Stephen King, the most celebrated writer of English history, would mesmerize you and give you inspiration for achieving your goals. From his habits to his struggles, his first work to his other achievements, this book could only be explained by one word-WOW!

3. Born to run by Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen, who is a famous singer, has explained the difficulties and hurdles he had to face in his personal and professional life. This book, praised by critics all over the world, manages to give readers a sense of hope and purpose.

2.  Cash by Johnny Cash

Another iconic singer, Cash has given many his journey as an evolving vocalist in mesmerizing details. His path to success, which was never smooth, contains many lessons for all of us.

1. Life by Keith Richard

Last, but not the least, the autobiography of Keith Richard proves to be a very interesting read. From his struggles with drugs to his journey as a successful rock star, this book will continue to amaze you till its last word.

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