The horse is one of incredible animal and also consider the most faithful animal. In Ancient times horses widely used in war. Read about the best war horses in the history in our recent article.

1 – The Golden Akhal Teke –  Turkmenistan

The Golden Akhal Teke stands at number one most beautiful horse in the world and best known for its incredible coat. It is Turkmenistan Horse and is most eye catching horse which belongs to Akhal Teke Horse Breed. Commonly it is called by its nickname Supermodel. The golden Akhal horse has fame for speed, intelligence, endurance, and metallic sheen.

 2. Gypsy Vanner

One of the prettiest horse in the world which Romanichal People were used for pulling their wheeled homes. This horse is well known for its long feathering on legs and black and white or Piebald Coat pattern. It is also famous as The colored Cob, Irish Cob, and Tinker Horse, and its all depend on where you live. Now this breed considers the source of pride and history of Romanichal people in Britain as well as use for driving and dressage,

3. The Friesian

No doubt it is one of the prettiest horse in the world which origin Friesland, Netherlands. The most graceful horse and nimble in its size. In the whole Continental Europe, during the Middle Ages, these horses were in significant demand. Now they are getting fame all over the world. People want to buy this graceful horse because its most recent breed is being introduced for dressage. It is also called Belgian Black Horse.

4. Arabian

Arabian has distinctive head shape and high tail carriage. It was originated on the Arabian Peninsula. This is most recognize horse in the world and oldest breed. These horses are present at the time of war and trade. It has excellent speed, refinement, endurance, and healthy bone.

5. Morgan

Morgan is also one of the most beautiful horse in the world. This breed developed in The United States and came in many kinds of colors including several variations of pinto. It is well known for its versatility and mostly use in English and Western disciplines. During the American Civil War it was used as Coach horse, for harness racing, and as Cavalry horse. In 1909 first breed registry was established after this US, Europe, and Oceania has developed.

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