Back to basic SEO tips & techniques to increase organic traffic. Online business gets more profits only when website traffic increase from Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. search engines.

Search engine optimization is a term that occurs more often in Google searches, which means that many people began to comprehend that it is good for their business to appear prominently in search engines on the Internet.

Easy to say but harder to do in most cases, because lately the online competition has become fierce in most areas.

This article aims to provide an indicative guide for effective promotion of any website, regardless of the niche to which it belongs. What you must understand is that:

For a proper search engine optimizationespecially optimization for Google, it is necessary to understand (basic level) how a search engine, and according to the criteria established hierarchy of pages displayed in search results.

10 SEO Tips and Techniques for Your Website

URL and title optimization URLs and title must contain the phrase for which you wish to optimize the post.

Content page  A content page must have more than 500 words minimum, focused phrases must be appear in between paragraphs.

External links to the page  External links are those items from other websites that optimized by page.

Link-building campaigns have become increasingly now a days for getting more back links for website. Google changed algorithm and penalize all link exchange sites, buying and selling links due to excessive or poor back links.

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Images optimization Add alt and title to each every images those are use between posts.

Quality web hosting Website accessibility is an important factor in optimization, and beyond. A website that is often inaccessible will increase in importance to search engines, and will damage and business itself. Do not be deceived by rumors about the location server. For small to medium website (2-3 thousand visitors / day), a decent Hostgator and Bluehost hosting consider professional and affordable for small business.

Publishing articles in article directories like Ezine or Goarticles,’s use bookmarking and RSS feeds and create a Squidoo page (all links to the website or page you want to optimize ), is guaranteed success in search engine optimization.

Content is very important because the content is one thing that is read by search engine. The content is richer, more valuable, the more highly appreciated by the search engine and the more forward in the rankings.

The composition of the contents page try to talk as much detail about the theme of the site, not just in two short sentences. A page must be consumed with pleasure to the visitors. Google search engine service is very important for visitors, so Google  try to highlight the most relevant sites. If we give our best and valuable information for people, then most likely it will meet Google’s requirements.

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The content composition often use as keywords, but this does not mean that we try to add more and keywords that creates keyword stuffing.  But the text should remain composed primarily for human consumption because the site content must be primarily readable for people and second for search engines.

Head tags are <h1> </ h1>, <h2> </ h2> and so on up to <h6> </ h6>. Page titles and subtitles must be placed between these. H1 is the most important, H2 is the second most important, and so on.

Title page for example deserves inserted between two elements that contain the term H1 and heading between two elements that contain the term H2. You should not use each of the six head tags on the same page, but use the first two is recommended in any case.

Title is the text that appears in your browser. The HTML source code is found between elements <title> </ title>. This element is very important in terms of search engine optimization, and here we need to introduce a text rich in keywords, but be careful as yet be a sentence that makes sense and express the content of the site.

Continuing the above example, it could be: <title> Your page title is here </ title>

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Meta keywords
Today is less significant as Otherwise the in the past. In this field we need to introduce words and phrases separated by commas.
<meta name=”keywords” content=”keyword1, keyword2,” />

They lost in value, however it is worth using because he has kept something of significance. It is important to introduce this specific keyword content.

e.g   <meta name=”keywords” content=”keyword1, keyword2″ />

Meta description
You have to write a sentence containing 1-2. It is important that this content be relevant and on each page to write other content relevant to the specified page.

e.g   <meta name=”description” content=” Write page description here” />

It is important to note that the completion page is necessary but not sufficient for obtaining good results in search engine rankings, but optimization can not be neglected.

At each change of the web page must keep in mind that the content we ask people not search robots.

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