7 Rehabilitation (De-Addiction) Centres in Delhi | Exclusive List

Rehabilitation centres in Delhi have proven to be of significant help when it comes to the addicts of the city. In our fast-paced lives, we never know when someone around us starts relying on alcohol and drugs for relaxation. Although a major chunk of addicts in the city started ‘using’ just for the thrill of it they could never recall when it became ‘necessary’ for them. On the contrary, some try to find comfort in alcohol with two or three drinks every night after getting home from work. Before one can notice, two or three becomes six or seven and there is no stopping it. However, there are some major rehabilitation centres based in Delhi which work for the primary motive of getting these people clean so they can live their lives as good as the rest of the world.

De-Addiction Centres in Delhi, Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

Browse the list of some well-known rehab centres in Delhi.

Tulasi Psychiatric and Rehab Centre, New Delhi

Tulasi psychiatric & rehab centre New Delhi, Delhi is one of the first names you will be recommended if you’re looking for a rehabilitation centre. There is a reason they are so popular as they go an extra mile and even conduct family therapies for patients. This is done to ensure that the people closest to a patient suffering from depression or addiction know how to deal with them and understand what process they are going through at the time. Also the most renowned psychiatrist from Delhi Gorav Gupta is there to guide the mislead themselves.

Address: Farm No. 5, Andheria Morde, Behind Shamsi Talab, Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi 110030

Naya Savera, Delhi

Naya saver Delhi is another popular name among the rehabilitation centres in Delhi. They help the drug addicts of Delhi and other major neighbouring cities of North India. With a Motto of Hugs not Drugs, they treat their patients with utmost respect and try getting them back to their normal selves. They follow up with every patient even when they are discharged, ensuring there is no relapse. With treatments like Laughter Therapies and yoga along with the conventional treatment process, they make sure they do all it takes.

Location: D-422, Saroop Hospital, Saroop Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110042

Shafa Home, Delhi

Shafa Home Delhi acts as a harbinger of hope for the mislead people of the city. Shafa meaning ‘Power of Healing’ in Urdu, they make sure the treatment is done by prescriptions which do not alter the behavioural aspect of the patient. They offer family therapy as well, ensuring the family of the patient knows the alterations they will have to make for them. They are the only ones in the country who achieve complete detoxification almost naturally.

Drop in: Plot No. 130, Pocket-1, Sector 20, Rohini, Delhi, 110085

Roar Wellness, Chhattarpur

Roar Wellness is a rehabilitation centre in Chhattarpur, Delhi which boasts of a huge clientele whose lives have gotten better after their treatments. This rehabilitation centre in Delhi has been taking care of the people addicted to alcohol and various drugs. The addiction of these substances comes along with a drastic change in the human behaviour which has a significant impact on their relationships. They realise that and treat their patients with full potential control on their emotions and behaviour.

Location: ROAR Wellness Akhil Farm, 1 Daisy Lane, Off DLF Farms, Central Dr, Chhattarpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110074

Rama Rehab, Chhatarpur, Delhi

Established back in 2001, the Rama Rehab Rehabilitation centre in Delhi has been single-handedly changing the lives of thousands of people. They have a facility where you are required to be admitted for a minimum of 4 months. The period may be increased to six months or even more depending upon your level of addiction. Their Nasha Mukti centre is the most trusted one in the business and a part of reason for it is the high success rate they have.

Drop in: A – 6, Asola Near Shanidham Mandir New Delhi – 110074

Hope Care India

Hope Care is a psychiatric centre in Delhi which has also been engaging itself with drug de-addiction in Delhi. This rehabilitation centre of Delhi was established in 2004 with an aim to improve the mental health condition of the people. Interestingly they also have an Internet addiction program in combination with Drug De-Addiction treatments which just goes on to prove the seriousness of the issue. The substance addiction treatments here include well-established therapies and some other in-house practices.

Locate: H-5, Bawa Farm, Ansal Villas, Satbari, Chhatarpur, Near Amar Das Gurudwara, New Delhi, Delhi 110074

World Brain Centre India

The World Brain Centre rehabilitation centre based in Delhi is another name that has garnered quite some respect for their work. They have an in-house team of professionals which include Psychiatrists, and Psychologists, Occupational therapists, Rehabilitation experts & Physicians. This rehabilitation centre in Delhi for depression and substance abuse makes sure they alter their strategy for each of the clients and work as a team coordinating on every aspect of the patient’s health. You can also find treatments for OCD, ADHD and autism in this drug de-addiction centre of Delhi.

Location: Pankha Road, Opp.Janak Cinema, Near Dabri Crossing, New Delhi-110045 (India)

These above mentioned names have established a name for them and happen to be the best ones in Delhi. Some of them also house the people who have been battling with depression and other conditions of the human mind. A Government Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi’s Tilak Vihar area is also in the works. The charges there will be nominal which will make it practically a free rehabilitation centre in Delhi. For now, if you are someone who has been battling addiction or depression we suggest you head to one of these centres. Remember there is a lot more to life and a better way to live than being overpowered by a substance or your own human emotions.

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